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President Obama, photo by the New York Daily News.

President Obama, photo by the New York Daily News.

Lets begin with the bottom line. President Obama has brought out the worst in America. The populace is more divided now than at any time after the Civil War. The economy is struggling. Employment participation rate is as low as it was in the late seventies. Wages are stagnant. More people are on food stamps than ever before. More people pay no federal taxes than do. Racism and class warfare is a common theme in White House messaging. The vaunted American military power has been diminished. Our traditional allies do not trust us and our enemies do not fear us. The President seems incapable of solving any national problems. When the economy is suffering with more people making do with less and the entire world in crises, President Obama constantly tells the American people ‘climate change’ is our biggest threat and that gun control is his number one priority along with closing Guantanamo Bay’s prison for foreign terrorist prisoners. He refuses to work with Congress and has made a mockery of the separation of powers doctrine and the rule of law. America’s best in the world medical system is mired in the debt and chaos of his medical plan, the infamous Obamacare. His deal with Iran must be the worst agreement any president ever made with an enemy state. In bygone times a good case would be made for his impeachment.

That is his legacy. But that is not what he has been about. His self assessment is based on other actions and on those he has made real progress. He wants to be known as the president who has advanced the cause of Socialism and income distribution farther than any other American President. Obamacare never was about healthcare. It is and was about government control of 8% of the economy. Our President has also been very effective in diminishing the very fine military machine he inherited with the purpose of making it unlikely America could ever again act as the world power. Every economic action his Administration has taken has weakened the economy with unneeded regulations. The energy industry has hung on in spite of his war on traditional energy sources. Without the Obama anchor we would be exporting billions of dollars of energy in the form of crude and refined oil products as well as natural gas in liquid form. An important result of increased American energy production is that it would free Europe of dependency on Russian oil and gas and far reduced Putin’s ability to expand the Russian empire by taking away his primary source of funds.

The President’s foreign policy has endangered Israel, consolidated Iran’s control of Syria, Lebanon and Iraq. The old power structure that allied Sunni nations with America is rapidly disappearing. Russia’s historical effort to secure a warm water port for its fleet has been accomplished. Even worse Russia now has a military presence astride the oil production fields and transportation network. The Middle East is now on the verge of a wide-spread war of Sunni Muslims against Shiite Muslims. The most likely result will be the emergence of Iran, with backing from Russia and China to be the dominate power in the area.

Through all this turmoil the World has been hoping for American leadership to protect the peace and independence of sovereign nations. President’s Obama’s leading from behind has failed them and us but has advanced the President’s ideological goals. Socialist and Communist historians will treat his Presidency with praise and reverence. Others won’t.


Written by the author of the Jack Brandon adventure mystery novels. The above is the result of my analysis of the President’s actions and policies from a conservative view point.


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The President could hardly wait to see what the Advisor thought of his plan to bring thousands of Syrian refugees into the United States. He toyed with his coffee cup, lit a cigarette, and said, “Well old man, what do you have to say about my immigration plan?”

“Nothing you do not already know. Let’s see if I have it right. First, it is a great issue. You can use your impressive political messaging skills to bash the Republicans and the renegade Democrats who worry about national security issues. What is really impressive is that you, single-handedly, caused the migration of people out of the Syria and Iraq and no one is even blaming you for creating this nightmare. You can now use the refugees to spread your ideology of transforming the Western world and the Middle East. The financial burdens on the already shaky economies of Europe will be enormous.

“They will be forced by their own morality to take in and care for people who will not assimilate into the cultures of France, Germany, and Scandinavia. Instead, the Muslim refugees will establish their own enclaves with their traditional way of life and Sharia law. The redistribution of European personal wealth will be one of the results. High taxes will be required, as will a growth in the size and scope of government, to cope with the problems of immigration and failed integration of the diverse cultures. The natural course of these factors will lead to a single-party system run by an elite group who will make decisions once left to the people and local government.

“America is better equipped to deal with refugees and the numbers they take in will not stress the economy to the same extent. But the federal government will grow to cope with the problems of immigration of groups of people who do not want to be assimilated into American culture. Nevertheless, the immigrants will increase the polarization of America.

“Your messaging will ensure the immigrants support your progressive party. The progressives will drive hard to give these people a quick path to citizenship. With the black, Hispanic, and Muslim votes, the progressive party will thrive and establish deep roots. You have never failed to use issues to destroy the opposition and this one is handmade for you. Your only danger is you cannot stay in office long enough to make all this happen. Without your destroy-America philosophy and political skills, the transformation process will not be able to continue. The test will be if you can uphold your veto of any legislation stopping or limiting the immigration of Syrian refugees and, at the same time, convincing Americans that your administration can and will vet each and every refugee, male and female.”

“You know, this is a weird scene. Here, I, the President, of what was the most powerful nation in the world, is sitting in a furnished underground cave discussing my plans with someone whose name I don’t know and yet, you know more about me than any of my closest staff. Your description is right on. I don’t think anyone else really understands. Of course I caused the breakdown of the Middle East, the rise of Iran, the disintegration of Iraq, the chaos in Libya and the constant push of the Muslims against the false state of Israel. Not to mention the replacement of American imperial influence in the area by the Russians. Thousands of angry devout Muslims were the real power of change.

“I wish I had more time to destroy the entire Sunni power structure. And I am very thankful you are powerless to warn anyone. Not that anyone would believe your story. Even I doubt you really exist, locked down here in the caverns beneath the White House. I may come down again, but don’t count on it. Don’t get up. Save what energy you have left. My last joy will be doing a victory lap down here in your cave.”

This is an account written by a fictional advisor who doesn’t exist but should.

Check out the latest Jack Brandon mystery suspense novel at your local bookstore. Follow the author on Twitter @factsfictions80.


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Advisor's vault doorThe Advisor was lost in thought, in between talks from his only visitor, the President.

The President has been so candid recently. I have to get ready to ask him some more challenging questions. I think he enjoys the challenge. He’s got to be immersed in the current economic crisis so I’ll start getting my background material ready. Many Americans do not see the economy, the process of making and selling things, as being different from the stock market. But they are two very different areas. While one affects the other to some degree, it is very difficult for experts to agree on the exact cause and effect of changes in the stock market. Economists talk knowingly about the state of the economy and what is needed to improve its performance. But in reality they should be called political economists because their analysis depends on whether they are supply-side economists or Keynesian economists. 

The President’s progressive wing of the Democratic Party is nearly exclusively Keynesian. Those people believe the level and management of government spending is the key to growing the economy. The opposing side of free market/supply side economists believe growth can only come through the capitalist process of making and selling products outside the governing process. The fewer the regulations and the lower the taxes, the more the economy is free to grow. In their minds, a growth rate of between 4 percent and 8 percent is ideal with a tax rate on corporations around 15 percent.

The Keynesian monetary policies have never worked anywhere, though they were tried extensively during the Roosevelt era. Since government spending on sectors such as infrastructure can only be financed from taxes from people and corporations, Keynesian management of the economy inhibits the growth that is necessary to finance needed infrastructure, human services, and the military. Most everyone is in favor of these items but only the progressives with their Keynesian finance managers believe spending on social welfare and infrastructure stimulate the economy to grow. The first place they look for money for social services and infrastructure is the military budget. Few progressives believe in maintaining a strong military. I must remember to ask the President about his views on Keynesian economics.

Regardless of the financial philosophy, effectiveness of the process must be based on a real reporting and understanding of the facts. When the administration and talking heads go on about the well-being of the economy, they are mostly talking about the stock market that has done very well. Indeed it should with the Federal Reserve printing $86,000,000,000 per month for a program called Qualitative Easing. This level of printing money went on for many months. If you could afford to invest, you did well. The President’s program, instead of distributing wealth to narrow the gap in income between economic classes, actually widened the gap. Turning from the stock market to the business of making and selling things, the real economy, you see a much different picture. Real unemployment is closer to 12 percent than the 5 percent the progressives claim. Employment participation rates are lower than at any time since the 1970s. There are more people on food stamps and welfare now than ever before and that is not just due to the growth in population. Health care costs are growing. Wages are stagnant. Graduating college students cannot find jobs. Student debt is way up. People have given up looking for non-existent jobs. The economy is way below the growth rate needed to sustain services and our national debt. The only measureable that is up is the number of people on welfare. I wonder what the President will say about his commitment to the redistribution of wealth.

The last area to ask him about will be the energy sector. I wonder what he’ll say about the Saudi’s program of pumping oil at a level that is continuing to increase the glut of crude on the market today. Doesn’t he realize the Saudis dumping oil on the energy market is motivated by their need to remain the predominated supplier of the worlds oil and to weaken Iran, Iraq, ISIS, Russia, and the United States? Their strategy is working. Many oil drillers in the United States are gone. They and others like them around the world cannot profitably sell oil much below $60 or $70. Unless the Saudis change their strategy, the current glut of oil may be with us for a few more years.

The Advisor stopped his pacing and his thought process.

I think that is enough for more than one session with the President, he thought, feeling more prepared.


This is an account written by a fictional advisor who doesn’t exist but should.

Check out the latest Jack Brandon mystery suspense novel at your local bookstore. Follow the author on Twitter @factsfictions80.

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INSIGHTS 185 — DANGEROUS DELUSIONS ( A response to the State of the Union)

As President Obama faced the audience for his State of the Union address, did he note that there were 80-plus more Republicans in the seats than there were when he took office? The change was one of historical significance. I don’t think he noticed.

But maybe he just doesn’t care. His attitude varied between confidence and arrogance. It takes real chutzpah to threaten vetoes and more of the same progressive programs when operating from a weakened presidency. He won’t work to solve any of the nation’s problems or issues because that is not what he does nor has he ever. Issues are to be used to destroy the opposition and bring about the progressive transformation of America.

This president believes that the American people are really dumb. Who is a better judge of how the economy is going, a man who isolates himself from reality or everyday people who have to struggle to pay their bills and plan to take care of their families? The administration’s unemployment figures are useful only if you are trying to deceive people. Wages have been stagnant for years. No matter what the progressives preach, wages do not improve until employers are competing among each other for workers. Increasing the minimum wage increases the cost of doing business — it does not create jobs. In fact, employers struggling to save their businesses often lay workers off to pay the mandated higher wages for current workers.

Today there is not much workplace competition for college graduates. Maybe less than 50 percent of recent graduates have been offered jobs commensurate with their new skills. These young, ambitious graduates know the economy is still in trouble. Beside an increase in the minimum wage, Obama’s proposal to help the economy is to create more graduates by offering two free years at a community college. This proposal would actually make sense if done on the state level and produced workers needed in industries located in the state. The last thing American people need is more federal management of their personal and work lives. Let the states work with local business to create curricula that actually help graduates get jobs. This proposal, like all other progressive proposals, has at its core the re-distribution of wealth.

How can he complain about the failure of Congress to pass legislation when the majority leader in the Senate, Harry Reid,  with the president’s approval, prevented hundreds of bills from reaching the Senate floor for debate and a subsequent vote? No bill was brought up for a vote unless it was one the president wanted to sign! This is not a secret. Only a president who lives in a different universe than we do could possibly believe Americans do not know the story about Harry Reid and his refusal to allow bills to reach the Senate floor.

A quick look at Obama’s  foreign policy statements. He stated our military has stopped the expansion of ISIS. Simply not true. He said Russia is in economic trouble because of America’s quiet diplomacy at work. False. Russia is in trouble because it depends solely on the money from a single export product, oil. When Saudi Arabia opened up their oil pumps to glut the market and drive down the price of oil to damage their competitors, Russia, Iran, ISIS, Venezuela, and America, who cannot afford to sell oil at or below the Saudi price. Russia’s economic problem has nothing to do with anything Obama said or did.

Another delusion is that we are not at war with terrorism by Islamic jihadists. Islam is not a peaceful religion. Extremists can find approval for their actions in the Koran. As long as the millions of Muslims, living in peace with the West, do not check their extremists our commander-in-chief must recognize the predominate role Islam plays in worldwide terrorism. The president touts his success in combating “extremists” in Yemen at the same time U.S. warships are moving toward Yemen’s coastline to evacuate Americans.

Obama’s infatuation with climate change and its link to human activity is simply that, an infatuation with a scheme that would redistribute wealth on a global scene. Does anyone, besides the president, believe China will live up to its promise to reduce carbon emissions 15 years from now?

Even more troubling are his statements that negotiations now underway with Iran have stopped the Iranian drive to develop nuclear weapons. That would be wonderful if there was even a 20 percent chance of that being correct. But it is not. Iran’s leaders believe their national interest as a power in the Middle East and the world depends on them having a nuclear weapons capability. All they need is time and the bumbling negotiating team under Obama/Kerry are giving Iran the time. Obama vows he will veto any standby sanctions on Iran voted by Congress. Believing negotiations can stop Iran from developing nuclear weapons is is a dangerous delusion. A nuclear-capable Iran puts the world at more danger than at any time during the Cold War era. The next two years will be very hard on America and very dangerous to a leaderless world. Do we have to learn again that peace is found in strength not weak compromises and delusional ranting?

(If you’re interested, here is my response to another Obama State of the Union. Click here.)

Written by the author of the Jack Brandon thriller/mystery novels and “Insights: Transforming America — Is This What We Fought For?” available now as an e-book, in paperback or hardcover on or Another analytical book on the transforming process, “Insights: Stepping Stones to Tyranny,” is now published and available in paperback at $9.95 and on nook and kindle at $6.99. Follow the author on Twitter @factsfictions80. 




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