Political Nuggets

May 12, 2016: I believe the FBI will do an honest, thorough investigation of the Clinton email and Foundation scandals but Attorney-General Lynch will find a way not to convene a Grand Jury and take Hillary to trial. I don’t think the President wants Hillary telling all she knows to the prosecutors and the AG will get strong guidance from the White House.

May 12, 2016: How much did Paul Ryan or Mitch McConnell help Trump win the primary? Not one bit. They worked against him along with most of the GOP establishment. What did Ryan and McConnell do with the power the people gave them? Besides talk, nothing but go along with the Obama Administration. Remember Ryan’s first big act was passing a big spending bill with everything Obama wanted. Neither Ryan or McConnell have done anything to give them a say in national party politics. Trump didn’t need them to win the primary struggle and he really doesn’t need them now. Enough with the self appointed keepers of conservative purity. We need leaders not timid ideological purists from the right or left.

April 19, 2016:  When he raves on and on about the RN Convention and its rules, Paul Ryan, The Speaker of the House, looks and sounds, like a professional bean counter. “The rules are the rules.” Baloney what if they are undemocratic and have the main purpose of negating the votes of the people in favor of the Republican Party hacks who have been getting away with this dishonesty for far too long. Maybe the rules should be junked in favor of the millions of primary voters. What is so sacred about the 1237 number? With multiple candidates that is a hard number to get. Maybe that is why Gov. Kasich was encouraged to keep running so the Republican Party hacks can have their open convention and again show the people how little they care about their votes. A sad state of affairs.

April 18, 2016: What is Governor Kasich doing? Is he a viable candidate? Hardily, he has a good resume but is a hopeless campaigner. He won Ohio after a hard campaign and that is his home state where he controlled the state’s political machine. How can he afford to keep campaigning? He has no chance of topping either Trump or Cruz. He is like a vulture circling the Cleveland Convention looking and waiting for the political death of Trump and Cruz at the hands of RNC and its archaic rules. Kasich must be funded by and doing the bidding of the ‘Never Trump’ movement. He makes it harder for either Trump or Cruz to win a majority of the vote, clearing the way for a contested convention. Doesn’t he realize the political class will either throw him under the bus or pat him on the head and send him back to Ohio just before they bring in their candidate.

April 18, 2016: Are South Carolina Republican politicians listening to the people? Don’t think so. The People voted overwhelming for Mr. Trump yet Governor Halley, Trey Gowdy and both Senators are supporting Senator Cruz. What do they know, we do not? Maybe they are thinking they are part of the establishment of the political class that knows better than the people who elected them. Even the Tea Party has lost its way and doesn’t listen to its members or even ask them. Tea Party surveys of their membership are primarily an undisguised form of soliciting funds. How quickly politicians become inner directed.

April 13, 2016: The talking heads and RNC officials are yammering ‘the rules are the rules’ for delegate selection. What they don’t say is why are those particular rules in place. They are not designed to aid the democratic voting process in the future. They were crafted in the past to make sure the political party officials maintained control over candidate selection. They didn’t then or now trust the people to choose the candidate. The people might decide they don’t need the members of the political insider elite to keep hanging around. Anything other than a true primary where the people vote for a candidate and the candidate with the most votes wins is not a democratic process no matter the arcane rules involving the selection of individual delegates that may or may not be committed to support the peoples’ choice. Bottom line, it is a divide and conquer tactic for local, state and national party officials to insure they get a candidate they want. What happened in Colorado, regardless of the rules or when they were published, is a disgrace and to continue to defend the process is shameful.

April 10, 2016: If the Republican National Committee and the Republican political class don’t want to honor our votes in the primary, how can they believe the votes will be there in November? At least they are consistent, they never listen to the people. Very bad show.

April 3, 2016: Things to think about: Donald Trump has provided the left dwelling media with enough material for them to meet several dead lines. They are happy and the editors are happy. Mostly because of the shallowness of their thinking. Donald Trump lives in the world of pragmatism. Where every day is one of problem solving. Good solutions are those that work. Seldom does such a man arrive at a solution or a course of action with a sound bite while musing about a hypothetical question. In his world such situations are not serious. He doesn’t expect that the media will treat his musing or off the top of the head statements as something he is committed to carry out. In his world, serious solutions begin with examining and discussing several possible approaches, some good, some outlandish, and some just plain stupid. After give and take discussions, a course of action is developed. Then it is time to put the proposal to the media test. The thing he should learn is not everyone has a pragmatic thinking process. Instead they are like liberal network showmen looking for sound bite gotchas. Hold your thoughts until they have been examined within your own process.

Dec. 9, 2015: I believe Hillary Clinton left her recent lunch with the president knowing he owns her. If she separates herself too much from his legacy or criticizes his policies or actions, he will unleash the Justice Department to do a real investigation into all the Clinton money-making schemes and exposure of national security information by her use of a private, unauthorized and unsecured server for her official emails. The end result would probably be an indictment and the end of her presidential aspirations. Someone else could come forward during or just before the Democratic Convention and get the nomination. Politics is not a bloodless game.

Dec. 7, 2015: Remember, the president’s words from his Oval Office speech were not about Islamic terrorism. They were about his primary agenda, transformation of America. That’s why no specifics on the war in Iraq and Syria. While he talked about bombing ISIS oil wells and oil tankers, these targets were off limits until Putin bombed the oil tankers headed for Turkey. The Kurds will not be armed with any meaningful weapons. Iran wouldn’t like that. The president’s coalition only exists in his empty words. He may believe it, but no one else does. He has alienated the Sunni Muslim world, our traditional allies, with his deal with Shiite Iran. Without a committed America, NATO nations will not put down ISIS. The only serious thing in his speech is his intent to push hard for more gun control. An armed citizenship is a serious check on the progressive party turning America into a socialist nation under the control of the progressive elites. Then, only the government would have guns.

Dec. 3, 2015: It will be interesting to see how long it will take Obama’s FBI and Justice Department to label the mass killing in California a terrorism attack. The White House and liberal media are doing their best to change the subject to ‘workplace violence or gun control or even climate change.’ Let’s see if the agency charged with keeping us safe from terrorism in America has the courage to stand up to the president and reject his delusional view of terrorism here and in the world. Neither the Justice Department nor the FBI showed any courage to investigate the IRS scandal. Now they have another chance!

Nov. 30, 2015: How can any so-called group of world leaders meet to discuss “climate change” as the No. 1 threat to civilization when mayhem is stalking the world in the name of Islamic radicalism and Russian expansion? Most of them smell money in the form of dollars. A few are like our progressive president who want to spread wealth from the industrialized world to the developing world. The others just want the wealth climate control legislation will send their way. This group is sane. The others believe that under their management, big government can solve any problem, even those that do not exist. We all know climate change has occurred and will continue to occur. What only those who are privy to the ‘political science’ of progressivism know, is that people cause climate change by the release of ‘dangerous amounts’ of carbon dioxide by burning fossil fuel as an energy source. There is absolutely no evidence to support this belief. Instead, it is a perfect example of the insanity of depending on international bodies that progressives believe should prevail over all people regardless of their national citizenship.

Nov. 27, 2015: It’s TRANSFORMATION, DUMMY. The only way to understand this president’s actions and non-actions is to understand everything is about transforming America and its international objectives. Harping about climate change being our greatest threat is only because the details of climate change will amount to one of the largest redistributions of wealth in history. Redistribution of wealth is the main pillar of the transformation process. When you are wondering how any president could make a deal that enables Iran to spread power in the Middle East, allow Chinese and Russian expansion, cripple American industry, tie American energy production in spools of red tape, disrespect our traditional allies, and reduce our armed forces, think TRANSFORMATION. For it’s the president’s bottom line, all the time.

Nov. 20, 2015: Of all the things that worry me in watching the president use his transformation process to drastically change America into a progressive, socialist nation, I am most concerned that more than half of the voters elected this man two times. Surely it was clear after his first term that he wasn’t either equipped or motivated to solve America’s problems. He has not brought the nation together. His actions have attempted to divide America along class lines. Maybe democracy cannot work without the rule of law and constitutional checks and balances limiting the actions of the majority. Today, we have the government we deserve.

Nov. 19, 2015: It is no secret U.S. military forces operating in Syria and Iraq are under very tight rules of engagement to avoid civilian deaths. The rules are so unrealistic that many planes return to base with their full load of ordnance. Fuel trucks carrying ISIS oil to sell for the money needed to finance their Caliphate were not routinely attacked. Critical ISIS ground targets were untouched. Does this president care that much about civilian deaths or exposing our warriors to danger from the restraints placed upon their actions? I don’t think so. There is another reason for ‘no boots on the ground’ and restraints on both air and ground operations.
Our leader does not want American power in the Middle East that would check the spread of the Iranian empire and curtail Iranian support to their Shiite allies in Syria, Yemen, Lebanon, and Iraq. His transformation is not limited to America. If he were serious about destroying ISIS, we would have armed the Kurds with the weapons they have been requesting, conducted thousands of sorties per week against ISIS on the ground, and be leading an effective ground force of U.S. and coalition forces. Instead of NATO leading the way, Putin’s Russia is now the go-to-leader in the Middle East while American power and will to act is suspect in the lands of friends and enemies. Judging by the erosion of American power over the last seven years, transformation is working on schedule.

Nov. 17, 2015: The ISIS attacks in Paris will change the dynamics of both parties in seeking out the strongest possible candidate. Besides having a president who marches to his own ideological drum, there is a strong, but erroneous belief held by a few Republicans and nearly all Democrats that you can change or alter the behavior of your enemies if you treat them with compassion, patience, and respect for their rights. The shorthand statement of this belief is based on the Christian admonition to ‘treat others as you would have them treat you.’ In many personal relationships that is admirable advice. But it does not apply to our national enemies who have a very different set of values, history, and current world views. Radical Islam followers mean to kill us and replace our laws, religious beliefs, and political goals with their own. Our patience, tolerance, and restraint is viewed by them as weakness and is a path to national suicide.

Nov. 8, 2015: National security issues are a very important part of any debate between presidential candidates. When asked, “What are the most dangerous threats to America,” I have a clear but frightening opinion. It is not Russia, China, Iran, ISIS, or even radical Islam or the national debt. Our greatest danger is internal. It is President Obama and his socialist, anti-American ideology that has resulted in cutting troop levels, vetoing critical defense funds, under cutting national energy efforts, over regulation of industry and the unprecedented growth of executive power that ignores the Constitution and the rule of law.

Nov. 4, 2015: When the security of the United States and the well-being of the American people is at stake, lies by the president and Hillary Clinton matter. When you cannot trust the word of your leaders, maybe you should find new ones. All lies matter.

Nov. 4, 2015: Disregard anything the president or the Defense Department say about arming the Kurds in the effort to degrade and destroy ISIS. The Kurds are great fighters and a proud people. Unfortunately for them and us, the president is in the Iranian bag and Iran does not want the Kurds armed. A very high percentage of all the lethal aid the administration said it was sending to the Kurds, never got there. For PC reasons and guidance from Iran, the Shiite government never sent the weapons onward. Bottom line: Our policy in the Middle East comes from Iran.

Nov. 3, 2015: President Obama’s concern over putting American boots on the ground is not due to his concern about the loss of American lives or the hardships of the families that is part of all deployments. It is due, I believe, solely to his transformation of America obsession. Chaos for him is a means to weaken America and change the world order and bury capitalism, imperialism and colonialism. Remember, he described American troops in Iraq as an “occupying force.”

Oct. 30, 2015: The only way to understand the president’s Middle East policy is to recognize that he is intent on ending American economic and military power. Spreading wealth, ending colonialism and imperialism, and transforming the old world order in the Middle East by very pro-Iranian moves is his game plan and it is working.

Oct. 30, 2015: I don’t expect Hillary Clinton to be indicted for exposing national secrets by using her illegal, unapproved, and unsecured server to send classified information. The FBI is always politically correct. They work for a Justice Department that is known to be highly partisan. Presidents do not allow their ranking officials to be indicted, unless it is politically expedient. Without an aggressive media investigation, the FBI and the Justice Department will decided there is no direct evidence of a crime. Case closed. Remember who caused the downfall of President Nixon. It wasn’t the FBI or justice. Without the work of individual journalists, Nixon would have served out his term.

Oct. 30, 2015: There is no Democrat running in the 2016 presidential election since Mr. Webb dropped out. He is a real Democrat. The other two are very left-wing socialists, although one calls herself a progressive, a term recommended by Saul Alinsky, a noted socialist revolutionary, to get rid of the terms socialist and communist that wouldn’t sell in America. Alinsky was a personal friend of Mrs. Clinton and an ideological mentor to the president.


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  1. Daun Martin-Poole

    I liked your first book, but felt the dialog wasn’t realistic between characters. By your second book you had settled into your writing pattern and the characters seem more natural in their conversation.

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