Random Thoughts

I have random thoughts from time to time that I like to share on my Facebook page. I thought I’d collect some of them for you to read and enjoy here; please feel free to leave your own random thoughts here.

  • You would think that a President who leads from behind, would stand behind his word!
  • If lying becomes natural to you, you will not be able to recognize when you are telling the truth.
  • When the time comes, the way will be clear.
  • Trust is easily lost and almost never regained.
  • Only people who act honorably are free to judge others.
  • One person, one vote in a democracy is both the path to freedom and the road to destruction, depending only on the wants of the majority.
  • When you hear “the fact of the matter is,” be prepared for an obscure or questionable bit of information.
  • Faced with taking action most people do what they know how to do.
  • Striving to take yourself out of the center of the universe is the essence of all religions.
  • If you can’t get your work done in 24 hours, you’ll have to work nights.
  • If you feel you have to say “I’m open minded,” you’re not.
  • Time erodes the paths we’ve followed.
  • It is easier to win freedom than keep it.
  • A system of measurements is the foundation of all civilizations.
  • I am home, for I carry my village with me.
  • Lies are a trap, not a deception.
  • The devil may be in the detail, but so is success.
  • You cannot have freedom without justice or justice without freedom.
  • Slave owners had guns, slaves did not.
  • If you are willing to look for it, there is truth in fiction.
  • The closer recorded history is to an event, the stronger the bias. The further it is from an event the more inaccuracies it contains.
  • To seize power the far left must centralize all aspects of society at the expense of freedom.
  • Your word is judged by the keeping of small commitments as well as big ones.
  • Living a simple life is a complex challenge.
  • Perfect is the enemy of good enough.
  •  It is a short step from evil thoughts to horrible deeds.
  • Decisions are the stepping stones of life.
  •  When the pattern of ripples in your pond of life is good, take care about adding more.
  • You won’t lose your way in life’s journey if you follow the path of honor, duty, and faith.
  • Take pride in what you do. Success comes in many guises.
  • The painted pictures left on the walls of caves will outlast our digital records. 
  • When the Government fails you, you must try harder not to fail the nation.
  • Wise people know there are more problems than solutions.
  • Choosing people for loyalty rather than competence leads to chaos.
  • Knowing when to make a decision is wisdom.
  • If you lie you will soon believe your own lies.
  • The truth will keep you free but lying by elected leaders builds the foundation of tyranny.
  • The ability to store and retrieve information determines the pace and growth of civilization.
  • If we have moved from a Republic to a Democracy does that mean we have more takers than givers?
  •  You can depend on some people to do the honorable thing all the time, but all governments take the path of self-interest.
  • It is a danger for a government to ask too much from the people, but it is far more dangerous for the people to demand too much from the government.
  •  When you don’t know how to step up to challenges, step down.
  •  The big lie political tactic doesn’t work with a population that has fought for its freedom and independence.
  •  It’s hard to be a great nation when your leader’s word is not respected.
  • Leading from behind is where you belong if you lack the courage and leadership skills to be out front.
  • Mundanity can be a place of refuge from chaos.
  • While patience can be a virtue, action is often a necessity.

2 responses to “Random Thoughts

  1. Jackie Marrison

    Hello Barry, I so admire you and have thoroughly enjoyed your random thoughts. I have a couple thoughts that I have heard over the years that I’d like to post,if I may.

    Fix the biggest problem first.

    Do the next right thing.

    Sometimes bad breath is better than no breath!

    First things first, second things not at all.

    I will enjoy reading your posts quoting your most recent book INSIGHTS. Also, I’m hoping we will see you on a trip south/north in December/April.

    Warmest regards,

    Jackie M

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