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These are some comments I’ve received from people who have read “Justice Beyond Law,” “Justice Without Mercy,” “Shades of Justice, “Run to Freedom” or one of the INSIGHTS books.  Send me your comments and I will post them here! Check out the reviews page to read reviews that have been published in the newspaper or on other websites.

“Mr. Kelly, I have read all your books and appreciate your patriotism and knowledge of our current political situation. Thank you!!”

“[‘Insights: Transforming America’] is the most important book in America today. The pieces fit together like a puzzle. I now understand, ‘the issue is never the issue.’ I’m going to email everyone and tell them this is a must read. You made it all so clear. This book will get you on Hannity and O’Reilly. I had to buy a new highlighter.” – Don Lewis, author and former government prosecutor

“Barry is one of the greatest ‘unknown’ leaders this country has ever had. Barry always operated in the shadows, let others take credit, but led silently and accomplished so much. His service to this country is unparalleled. I just hope there are more professionals like Barry to serve this nation as admirably as he has.”

“Congratulations on your new book, ‘Shades of Justice.’ I’m reading it now and LOVING IT. You are amazing.”

“Just finished ‘Justice without Mercy’ last night. Your first book was good, but this one is REALLY good. I’ve read 3 books this year – your first two and Tom Clancy’s ‘Threat Vector.’ What Clancy does with the Chinese and Cyber Crime, you have matched with the al Qaida  threat from within our own borders. ‘Justice without Mercy’ was somewhat chilling as the scenario is extremely plausible to anyone that lives in the DC area. This place saw what snipers can do in paralyzing the area when there is only  one pair with the Malvo-Muhammad shootings in 2002.”

“I just finished reading “Justice Without Mercy” and I really loved  it. The first book was good but the second book is great! In fact, once started I read it in 2 days. It was a super read. I so enjoyed your characters. It moved at a very fast pace. … I hope you are thinking of a third!”

“The characters POP off the page!”

“I just finished your latest book. It was great. I can’t wait until the third book in the trilogy comes out. Your material is so enjoyable to read.”

“You are my new favorite author.”

“The cultural insights of life in South Asia were great.”

“A fast moving page turner.”

The characters were so well developed.”

“Never knew the wheels were down on my flight. I was so consumed.”

“My husband won the fight to read it first. He loved it.”

“Combines real life experiences with a great imagination.”

“I liked the tradecraft and planning, it gave me an insight into your world.”

“The reader is able to remember who each character is from the outset.”

“It was always an effort to put it down.”

“Characters were wonderful.”

“Plot developed enticingly.”

“Love scenes were tasteful.”

“Please let me know when the next book is out.”

“I feel a little let in on the life of a spy.”

“I immediately went to Amazon and ordered ‘Justice Without Mercy’! I have not read any books about spies and espionage (and did not know if I would like them) so I decided to read this one first and if it ‘caught’ my attention read ‘Justice Beyond Law’! I immediately liked the characters and of course Shadow, so I savored the book – I am always disappointed to finish a book I thorougly enjoy – to me a hallmark of a really good book! After reading the last page I was hungry for more, so I ordered your first book! I wanted to know more about Jack & Kathy & Shadow, so reading ‘Justice Beyond Law’ was like a flash-back! While I savored “Justice Without Mercy” to make it last I devoured this one – I think I read it in one day! Now I am starving for book number 3!! I also have a name for the new Bouvier puppy – Gideon, which means warrior. He could be called Giddy for short!”

I have read the first two books in a series written by Barry Kelly, (1) Justice Beyond Law and (2) Justice Without Mercy, the third in the series is due out this spring. The books are a spellbinding, page turning, suspense thrillers, dealing with the world of espionage, counter-terrorism, weapons, martial arts, clandestine tradecraft, deep cover, black operations, para-military operations, and the inner workings of the governmental security apparatus. Just when you think you figured out “who done it”, you find out you are wrong.

3 responses to “Fan Mail

  1. Thanks for the comment. Get your friends to vote for Gideon. Working hard on book three. Will finish text this week.

  2. I am re-reading “Justice without Mercy” and a few sentences just stood out to me that people should take to heart: “People expected terrorism to focus on embassies, airports, security infrastructure, landmark buildings, and national treasures. They do not expect they will be involved, nor their property, nor their families.” I think Aurora, Boston, and Newtown are perfect examples of this and should make Americans be ever more vigilant in their daily lives. “Justice without Mercy” is quite prophetic and people should re-read it (or read it a first time) and learn some valuable lessons from it!

  3. Dottie Mull IsDottie Mull’saddress.

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