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The president is not concentrating on fixing the border. He is focused on the border/immigration issue.

Obama doesn’t care one bit about the plight of the people on either side of the border. But the issue is wonderful. He is using it to further marginalize the Republican Party: “They don’t care about Hispanics, not even the the little helpless children.” To find a parallel exploitation of children, you have to go back to the time of the Crusades when children were rounded up and led on a disastrous journey to the Holy Land. I’m not sure anyone knows or understands the political reasons for the journey of children to Palestine, but you can be sure there were benefits to some organization and that the issue was twisted and lived longer than the children.

Back to our southern border. Does anyone doubt that the president would close the border if it was in the interest of progressives? But he knows that



closing the border would close the issue and that is not an option. The immigration issue is too important to the progressive mission of destroying their conservative opposition to have it fixed. The solution is not hard and there are enough bi-partisan supporters to pass a decent and effective immigration bill. All conservatives and many non-progressive liberals agree closing the border is a critical part of any solution. There are a few conservative hold outs, but America is not going to deport millions of people living here now. Stop the flow across the border, issue temporary work permits when it is in our interest, and enforce the law that future immigrants wait their turn for legal entry. Anyone crossing after a fixed date is immediately deported. Anyone staying here beyond the limits of their work permit or visa gets deported.

That doesn’t sound hard and it isn’t until you realize that President Obama will continue to cause chaos in the border region to detract attention from his other problems. The potential gains of causing border chaos to his progressive agenda are huge.

  • (1) Convince Hispanic voters the Progressive, formerly Democratic Party,  is their best bet;
  • (2) Increase the number of Hispanic voters;
  • (3) make the unemployment problem worse so people will accept his socialistic solutions; and
  • (4) weaken the power of traditional influence in American so his phone and pen can finish with the transforming of America.

Only then will he focus on closing the borders, this time to keep people in his “paradise” of socialism.

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