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What? Where? Why? How? If we answer those classic questions, we should have a better understanding of the Tea Party.  Almost all of the national media coverage of the Tea Party has been by those who are very negative about this upstart group. “It’s a redneck, racist, and radical extremist group that will destroy the Republican Party.” Both the Progressives and the long-term Republican politicians and theoretical pundits heap abuse on the Tea Party. With good cause because neither of these vocal opposition groups hold the core values of the Tea Party groups and I doubt any of them have ever been to a Tea Party meeting.

I have been to Tea Party meetings and have never seen signs nor heard speakers using racial innuendos. I live in a predominately white part of the South Carolina coast. Our area sent a Tea Party backed representative to the House and later to the Senate. I first heard this black candidate speak at a Tea Party rally in Georgetown, SC. The “radical” core values of Tea Party groups are smaller government, less interference by government in the lives and businesses of citizens, adherence to the Constitution, and restrained government spending. That’s radical? I think not.

The Tea Party Movement is a grass-roots American approach to “enough is enough.” They are astounded at the response of the elected Republican leaders to the excesses of the Obama Administration. How can the leaders of the Republican Party in the House, especially, and in the Senate sit quietly while President Obama trashes the Constitution and the historical checks and balances of the three branches of government? President Obama acts as if he makes, amends, and enforces the law. He even has a Supreme Court Chief Justice who rewrites legislation to enable the Court to proclaim Obamacare is a tax and, therefore, is judged to be Constitutional. Talk about an activist court! There are no checks and balances as long as timid go-along-to-get-along men and women hold Republican seats. Is it time for new leaders. Yes!

I believe only the Tea Party can bring the grass-roots folk of America to return their country to its historical Constitutional foundation. America has had enough of the radical change of Obama. We have seen it and its ugly. Nowhere in the world has the change Obama wants brought anything but tyranny, poverty, and hopelessness. Just look at where the Progressives (Socialists) won power. Which model do you prefer? The Soviet, Chinese, Iranian, Cuban, North Korean, Venezuelan, East Germany, Eastern European in Communist time, or one of the several failed utopian settlements in America?  I am constantly amazed at how many educated Americans are willing to happily march like lemmings off the cliff into a Socialist sea. Where have they been? Can they possible believe the patter of their leader? Don’t they understand what’s behind the lies and socialist rhetoric?


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Eight Decades of Insights – 13

The following are my opinions based on years of government service and academic study. This piece is not about Republicans versus Democrats. I’ve voted both ways and miss the Democratic Party that has been taken over by the Progressives who are definitely not Democrats or believers in the American Dream.

This election is not about Obamacare, war in Afghanistan, fossil fuel vs green renewables, immigration/border control, nuclear weapons for Iran, the Arab Spring, radical islam, monetary policy or all the other burning issues that disguise the real struggle.
In November the contest is about power. Everything else is simply a distraction or tactic to further the Progressives only goal, which is to get power and keep it. Only the Progressive Socialists understand the only real prize is power. It is perfectly acceptable within this ideology to say anything and do anything as long as one is focussed on getting power. Truth doesn’t matter. Keeping your word is not important. They are only words that can be recycled for the faithful. The “end justifies the means” is the Progressive ideological mantra.

This is not a conspiracy of the Democratic Party. The traditional Democrats are not evil. They are Americans who believe they have won an election.They are focused on the Progressive dream of a perfect utopian America. Now the Democrats must join with their Progressive leaders to achieve the goal of transforming America. Heard that before. Believe it. It is real. Before transformation America was a nation whose political system was founded on the diversification of power. Checks and balances. Three equal branches of Government. The Progressive agenda cannot prevail with power diffused. Piece by piece it must be centralized. Control of the health industry, the financial structure, industry, especially manufacturing, housing, traditional power generating resources, commerce and, of course, the unions is the prize. Jobs and the economy are only important as a means in the struggle for power. A failing economy, burdened with debt and high unemployment presents Progressives with opportunity.

Does acceptance that the Progressive Wing of the Democratic Party is following a campaign focussed on centralizing power make current events and issues understandable? I believe it does. Mr. Alinsky has provided the plan. Now his disciples have only to carry it out. (Read Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals for more enlightenment.)

What traditional American political party would even consider undertaking the following issues and actions?
*Class warfare rhetoric about taxing the rich, taxpayers making more than $200K annually. Surely, they know the revenue gain would be marginal. But for the Progressives, the political appeal to the fifty per cent that pay no income taxes is a winning argument. The middle class is a force that must be destroyed. The middle class, in the Progressive scheme, is very different. We will all be in their middle class. It will be the only class. No one failing. No one succeeding. This is not the stuff of the American dream where hard work and sacrifice provide opportunity for the individual to advance. Try to get elected preaching the line that everyone gets the same income regardless of their success and work skills. It’s far too early for that political platform.
*Pushing an unpopular, poorly crafted health care bill through Congress was politically wise? Only for the goal of centralizing seven per cent of the economy was it worth the storm of protest. Thousands of new IRS officers will be policing the system. What better way to control people and their destiny. Is making the IRS even stronger and more pervasive an attractive political goal?
*Use of the Justice Department to challenge the power of the House of Representatives. Making the Congress look stupid is worth the few shouts of protests. The Justice Department will not investigated any White House leaks or anything else that reflects badly on the Administration. Forget border security and “Fast and Furious,” suing states, investigating voter ID laws in swing states is more likely. This is not the traditional Justice Department that protected our freedom. President Nixon misused the power of the executive branch and we know what happened to him.
*Deliberty dissing our traditional allies, the U.K. and Israel as well as India and Poland, all democracies. While catering to Russia, the Muslim world, Venezuela and China. Not a democracy among them. Is this traditional American foreign policy? Has it ever happened before?
*Supporting disruptive street demonstrations and the willful destruction of property by the “Occupy Wall Street” mob led by Van Jones, a former Obama Czar for Green industry and an avowed communist. Search your memory for the last time the Democratic or Republican Party publicly supported a similar action.
*Bringing back the very unpopular “Death Tax”. Why bring this up in an election year? Some believe that the Progressive wing of the Democratic party has always wanted to destroy wealthy family dynasties. They can weld too much power so they can be a check to Progressive attempts to gather power. And it appeals to the “want it now have nots”.
*Before any political group can usurp power, they must control the military. A weak military force with weak leadership is a much easier target. Taking money from Defense and using it on entitlement programs makes Progressive sense. It weakens the military and spreads more wealth to those who depend upon government and who vote for the hand that feeds them. Did anyone think sequestration would work? The Republican leadership that hasn’t yet figured out what is happening, fell for the sequestration bait. Now the nation has to cope with declining power in a dangerous world.
*What political party ever set out to destroy the American power industry? Or send billions of taxpayer dollars to make believe green solutions for energy independence? Progressives talk “all of the above,” but act differently. And routinely use the power of Executive Orders to marginalize Congress.

Does the above make sense within the American political sphere? Not for any traditional party. For the Progressives, it is the only platform they can use to transform America. Most of us will not recognize or like the end result.

Be careful Democrats! If the Progressives win, the next election could have very different rules and you won’t be part of it.


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