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I  just heard John Boehner, Speaker of the House, and President Obama comment on health care within the same hour. Not a pretty sight. Both need to do something else. We would all be better off. When queried about the Republican approach to health care, the Speaker referred to an obscure  (to most people) government website for the Republican approach to health care. He has been in government too long. What is wrong or hard about a clear statement of the Republican approach? I am a conservative voter and I could not tell anyone what the Republican position on health care is in any detail. The leadership of the Republican Party is sadly lacking in talking to the American people.

On the Progressive side, we have plenty of detail. Plus 10,000 pages and hundreds of executive regulations and changes to The Affordable Care Act. A fog of words, both written and spoken. Many spoken by a man who consistently lies to sell his radical change agenda. I don’t believe a word of what President Obama said in his press conference on November 14, 2013. His goal was clear, however, and that is to keep the Congress from passing any legislation on Obamacare by engaging in another unconditional executive decree. If Democrats and Republicans ever got together, they just might come up with  reasonable changes to health care that would benefit all Americans.

Since that probably won’t happen, as the Speaker seems to be comfortable with Obama doing his job, I’ll list the eight principles of health care that I think should guide fixing health care:

  • Help the people who do not have health care either because they can’t afford it or can’t qualify because of pre-existing conditions. After means testing, provide government subsidies to those who cannot purchase the coverage they need.
  • Do not include people who already have health care they have selected and like.
  • Allow insurance companies to sell their plans across state lines.
  • Pass tort reform legislation to limit the impact of  lawyer profits from questionable malpractice law suits.
  • Allow children to be covered on their parents’ health insurance plans until age 26.
  • Consider legislation to restore the doctor/patient relationship to control costs and improve patient control of their medical choices.
  • Allow policy holders to select what they want covered and the deductible they want.
  • People own their insurance coverage and it goes with them when changing employment or retiring.
  • Do not allow the executive departments of HHS and the IRS to be involved in the management of health care.

We have the best health care system in the world. Let’s fix only the things that are broken in a step-by-step approach.


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The president has almost four years left to serve.  It is presumptive to judge his legacy at this point. But it is not too early to look at the last four years and discuss what he may want his legacy to be. After all, aren’t presidential or anyone’s legacies derived more from results rather than words?

English: President Obama in Tucson: "The ...

English: President Obama in Tucson: “The Forces that Divide Us are Not as Strong as Those that Unite Us” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I can not score the president’s  work on important issues, such as unemployment, energy self-sufficiency, taxation policies, immigration, debt reduction, balance of trade, strategic military, or foreign policies. Or even health care. You see, I believe  none of these issues in themselves are important to President Obama. He gives constant partisan speeches on the issue of the moment. Sometimes on both sides of the issue. But the issue is never the issue. In President Obama’s world issues are the tools used to destroy the opposition. He has total flexibility and even moral authority to use any side of any issue at any time to attack the opposition. How else could any rational person, let alone a sitting President, be openly in favor of  Sequestration, sign it into law, threaten to veto any legislation that tries to change its implementation and blame the Republicans for the projected spending cuts?

Let’s take the immigration issue. Obama’s only interest in immigration is to secure the vast majority of the Hispanic vote for the Progressive Party, formerly called the Democratic Party.  The last thing he wants is for the Republicans and the Democrats to work together to bring about an immigration policy that is good for the Nation, fair for the immigrants and acceptable to both parties. If that happens, how can he use the immigration issue to attack the opposition. Remember when he was first running for President, he clearly told Hispanics that he would bring about immigration reform as his first legislative effort. But, no, socializing the health industry was a more important use of the issues available to him. The Hispanics could wait. They would vote for him anyway. His analysis was brilliant. The opposition still hasn’t figured out what happened. Except one seventh of the US economy is now under federal government control. Not a bad start when your real program is to transform American into a Socialist (elitist) top down managed economy like Europe or Cuba.

When you can take a issue, such as Debt Reduction, that the vast majority of Americans favor and turn it into a partisan attack  on the Opposition that is a political genius at work. President Obama even has respectable, or formerly respectable Democrats, chanting “there is no spending problem.” Where have they been. I thought every informed American knew we are borrowing forty cents for every dollar we spend. How can that not be a spending problem? Turning to Clint Eastwood‘s talking chair we learn if the rich were just willing to pay a little higher taxes, the debt could be paid off. The truth is if we taxed the rich at 100% it would make very little difference in the national debt.

The only result President Obama and his insiders want for a legacy is, they transformed America into a one party government run by a progressive elite. At this point they are on schedule.

by the author of the Jack Brandon thriller novels.                 http://www.factsandfictions.com


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