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INSIGHTS 268: The Day The FBI Blinked

Sub Rosa Front CoverMark your political calendar. Today the Director of the FBI drove a spike through the heart of our living “Rule of Law.” It has been written by a wise man from our distant past that great civilizations and empires are ended, not from an outside force, but from political suicide. Under President Obama,it seems, the entire federal government has become corrupt. The IRS, CIA, State, Defense, Attorney General, DHS, HHS, EPA, leaders of both political parties and of Congress have bent to serve a wimpy but focused Executive branch that seems dedicated to destroying (transforming) our proud powerful nation. Transparency has been discarded for cover ups and spinning. From labor figures, to battlefield progress, to economic growth, no government figures can be trusted.

All that pales when placed alongside the FBI announcement that their Director cannot recommend charges be brought against Hillary Clinton by the Justice Department. Note the announcement came just days after a secret meeting between former President Clinton and the Attorney-General, even though he was a probable witness in a real or imagined investigation into the Clinton Foundation, and the very day that President Obama was joining Hillary on a campaign swing in North Carolina.

America is founded on the premise that the law must treat all citizens fairly and equally.  Not that there haven’t been examples of privileged citizens receiving special treatment, but nothing as blatant as the optics of the Clinton FBI scam. Probably the FBI ranks up there with the Supreme Court when it comes to the people’s trust. Don’t see how that trust can remain with the tortured statement delivered by the FBI Director. He had his chance to support “The Rule of Law” and opted, it seems, for political expediency. Whatever else he and his Agency do from now, this day will be marked as the day the nation’s chief law enforcer blinked, putting our freedom in greater danger.


My latest novel, The Sub Rosa Manuscript by Barry Kelly gives, I believe, a clear understandable account of the steady erosion of the personal and economic freedom we inherited from the sacrifices of those who went before us. It is now our turn to protect our inheritance by rejecting the empty promises of progressivism.

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Advisor's vault doorThe President had been chatting with the Advisor for a few minutes about nothing in particular. He appeared to be very relaxed and at ease. The final 18 months of a second term will do that to a president, the Advisor thought.

He seems to be interested in the activities and prospects of the candidates in the Republican and Democratic primaries. Why not focus on what he is interested in rather than trying my prepared questions?  

The President was topping off his coffee cup so the Advisor asked, “Mr. President, why do you think Hillary is losing ground to Senator Sanders?”

“Remember when I told you that I don’t follow the law, I use it? Well, to do that takes real political skill and a very thick political skin. I use the law, or my interpretation of the law, to move America to a more equitable political system, one to the left of the European models. I enjoy the good life but the people don’t see me trying to amass great wealth. In my opinion, the Clintons don’t have an image of a better America in their vision. Rather, they have a vision of more money and power for the themselves. Her problems with emails and the activities of their foundation have nothing to do with moving America to a better social and political system. Those problems were created by the need to hide irregularities of mixing a government position with the needs of a money-making foundation. They are far richer than I am and ever will be. It is hard to convince the people you are the champion of their well-being when your own capitalistic greed is there to see. Hillary kept secrets from me when she used her own email server instead of the required and mandated government system server. It’s probable that several of our national security secrets were exposed by being on an unprotected private server.”

“You believe her fading poll numbers are due solely to the way she failed to separate the nation’s needs from her own?”

“No, not solely. Senator Sanders is capitalizing on a little discussed but prominent feature of the democratic process. America started out as a republic. A system of government that used the political power of the states and the electoral college system of the election process to insulate the nation’s political process from the ‘one person, one vote’ premise that is necessarily a part of democratic ideology. Today we have moved away from the ways the American republic protected itself from exclusive control of the popular vote. As soon as the people realized they could vote themselves benefits, the door was open for politicians to begin promising them anything to win votes. Remember ‘hope and change?’ When America becomes a true democracy, where ‘one person, one vote’ is a reality, only the states with the most voters will control the nation. On the far left of  American political ideology, where I am now, there is strong support for moving away from the electoral college system and adopting a nationwide popular vote, for all national elections. States will only have control of election to state offices. Senator Sanders maybe the first national office holder who is appealing solely to the wants of the people, not what the nation needs.”

“What about your vice president moving into the race?”

“He can’t win without my support. Unless the FBI investigation leads to Hillary withdrawing, I can’t see anyone else who could win the presidency other than her.”

“Will the FBI investigation lead to her withdrawing?”

“My position is that is up to her and the FBI. I won’t help her. Once it seemed clear she had broken the law and probably exposed classified national security information to our enemies, the FBI had to investigate.” The President finished his last sip of coffee and set the cup down. “Why don’t we talk about the Republican candidates the next time I can get down here?”

“Fine, Mr. President, I would like that.”


This is an account written by a fictional advisor who doesn’t exist but should.

Check out the latest Jack Brandon mystery suspense novels at your local bookstore. Follow the author on Twitter @factsfictions80.



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Eight Decades of Insights – 15


My last blog emphasized the need to focus on the big picture and not on shifting issues. The president and his whole administration know the goal is to get re-elected: “Nothing else matters. Say anything. Do anything. Never mind the law. Sort that out later. When we win, we will own the courts. Use the full power of the executive office where it is needed. Increase subsidies, extend payments, fight voter ID, sue states, block investigations, try to deny late voting to veterans, leak if it helps build short-term credibility.” These are things the administration is willing to do. And don’t expect a serious effort by the administration to find and punish the leaker.

I have seen real leak investigations. When the president is angry about leaks, the leaker is found and sometimes exposed. These leaks are so spectacular that only a few people could have provided the information to the NYT. The FBI and a counter-intelligence team could find the leaker in two weeks if allowed to do what they know how to do. Mandatory polygraphs of less than twenty people to start. But remember: The end justifies the means. Failing to get four more years is the only thing to fear.

These are smart people. Take immigration. President Obama showed the brilliance of his campaign when he bypassed Congress and issued the essence of the Dream Act by executive order. Senator Marco Rubio lost his unique platform and the Republican Party its chance to make serious inroads into the Hispanic community and to win Florida big.

The Obama brain trust has at least one more ace up its sleeve. They must now be talking about cutting some baggage. Does anyone believe that the vice president is a net gain for the campaign? He is a gaffe a speech and standing beside the president on the platform he looks and acts like he has been or never was politician. Can he debate Ryan? I think not. So, think about it, should this end justifiy the means and should ‘followers of Saul Alinsky’ even think twice about throwing the VP under the first bus?

No! Watch the convention when a tearful VP tells the convention that the campaign and the responsibilities of another four years is just more than he can do. It isn’t fair to the president or the American people and the highly respected financial genius replacing him will help the party and the nation, thereby challenging Ryan’s contribution to the Republican ticket.

That is my prediction. It will happen unless the Obama brain trust believes it can win with Joe. In that case, the Romney/Ryan ticket must have made some catastrophic blunder or blunders.

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