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To understand your opponent’s beliefs, you need to take the time to identify their core beliefs. Today, I’ll look at what I believe are the core beliefs of those who are left of center along the political divide.

All of us must recognize that the core beliefs of political parties, religions, social groups, and even sports teams have beliefs that are a mixture of facts, myths, tradition, and emotional ‘need-to-believe’ items. I believe the core values or beliefs of liberals start with the tenet that capitalism is essentially evil and it needs constant and extensive regulation to mitigate the damage that it does. Certainly the liberal/progressives working in the Obama administration have pumped out thousands of regulations that affect commercial activities of corporations and small businesses. For everyone to ‘have a fair shot’ like the liberals want, they believe capitalism must be drastically controlled.

The pay gap between CEOs and workers must be reduced. Liberals believe in deficit financing because it is necessary to fund welfare programs and other important government spending. Keynesian monetary policies, based on the belief that a nation can spend its way to prosperity, are a mainstay of liberal economics. This theory was extensively tried during FDR’s terms. FDR’s Secretary of the Treasury Henry Morgenthau, Jr. finally convinced his boss that deficit financing was not working. Nevertheless, ‘spending to prosperity’ is still a core liberal/progressive belief.

The liberal core belief on tax policy is that taxes on the rich and corporations should be high enough to fund extensive welfare programs. They are not concerned about the number of people on welfare. A high percentage of the population on welfare and paying no income taxes is a good thing. The government is doing the right thing when it takes care of people by welfare programs. This belief does not make the connection between high taxes on the rich and corporations and the failure of the economy to grow and produce jobs. Tax policy is a primary tool to income redistribution. Interestingly enough, liberals never point out the high salaries being paid to Hollywood and sports figures. They receive their wealth because they earn it when the rest of us are willing to pay for the products they produce. This is capitalism but it doesn’t apply to other commercial ventures.

The necessity for big government with increased centralization of government is another core belief of liberals. To manage education, commerce, welfare, law enforcement, health care, communications, and tax collection, a large centralized federal government is necessary. Liberals believe big government is not a bad thing for it protects and enhances freedom and individual choice.

The ‘big government is good’ belief does not extend to the Department of Defense. Nearly all liberals believe the defense budget should be cut and the savings allocated to welfare programs. Sounds good, but the basic responsibility of the government is to protect the people. The connection between cutting defense and reducing the ability of the government to defend us is not made. Even today President Obama is moving forward with his goal of cutting the armed forces back to pre-WWII levels.

Liberals/progressives believe that a small elite group of liberals can better manage the government than the free-for-all political system set up by the Constitution and years of tradition. This is why the liberal media and universities do not do their job of keeping government honest. Our founders knew liberty requires eternal vigilance. This belief is not part of the core beliefs held by the liberal/progressive elite in America.

Perhaps the biggest plank in the liberal platform is a deep guilt about  American wealth and power. Why else would students studying at Harvard, recently vote that America is a bigger threat to world peace than ISIS? My worry is that by the time these smart wonderful kids learn the truth about their country and the world, it will be too late for them and the rest of us.

Written by the author of “Insights: Transforming America — Is This What We Fought For?” available now as an ebook, in paperback or hardcover on Amazon.com or BN.com. Follow the author on Twitter @factsfictions80. If you think this message is important, please share it.

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President Obama, photo by the New York Daily News.

President Obama, photo by the New York Daily News.

Many people, including many political scholars and sitting elected officials, often describe the president as inept, clueless, unengaged, and a poor leader. Yet President Obama has bested them in every conflict. He lurks in a cloud of disinterest and mind-numbing bumbling.

If that is your image of President Obama, you are wrong.

Here is a man from a modest economic background. He grew up without family connections that would assure his future. Barack Hussain Obama was raised  mostly by a single mother. He was surrounded by people who leaned far to the left. Somehow this young black man with a white mother got into and graduated from prestigious American universities. His grades are not public but we have to assume he was educated well. It is hard to attend Columbia and Harvard universities without embracing a far left political ideology.

At some point in this educational journey, he found his way to the teaching of Saul Alinsky, a brilliant American revolutionary intellectual. (Read his book Rules for Radicals if you think otherwise.)  Both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton found their respective ways to Saul Alinsky’s revolutionary ideology by different paths, but both today are practicing progressives. (That term is one Alinsky thought was more acceptable in America than Socialism or Communism). Let’s agree that a stupid or inept man could not have gotten into and graduated from Columbia and Harvard with a law degree. Nor could a clueless, incompetent man make his way to the Illinois Senate, the U.S. Senate and finally become a two-term president.

The reason Republican intellectuals and elected politicians think he is inept is that they don’t understand the rules he plays by. They focus on problems and issues that need to be solved for the good of the nation or, more narrowly, their political party. President Obama does not focus on the same problems or issues. He is above that. Problems will always be with us. The proper use of problems according to Obama and Saul Alinsky is to use the issues that are associated with or come from the national problems to destroy your political opponents. Once you have destroyed the opposition and seized power, then you can fix America’s problems by establishing a one-party socialist government run by a progressive elite. The process is called Transforming America. Heard that before? Maybe from President-Elect Obama’s ordination speech in Chicago.

I believe the president must be astonished that his opposition has not yet figured out his game plan. I believe the progressive plan is so simple yet unique in American politics that lifetime politicians cannot grasp that Obama does not now care a whit about immigration, jobs, health care, education, foreign policy, terrorism, energy, military force size, debt, nor any other issue important to present and past political leaders. He or his successor will focus on those issues once they established a strong socialist state.

InsightsI have written the only book I know of that explains President Obama and the progressive game plan point by point or issue by issue. President Obama is not just a worse Jimmy Carter. He is a political type we have never before seen in America. He has no love or even an identification with the greatness of America and will destroy everything Americans have fought for since we arrived on these shores.

Read: INSIGHTS: Transforming America — Is this what we fought for?

By the author of the Brandon adventure/thriller novels.


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Here we go again. In this administration, the buck stops nowhere.  No one is ever accountable. No one gets ever gets fired. But there is a difference this time. The real democrats have added their considerable voice to the uproar while the socialists/progressives continue to protect and support their leader. General Shinsecki, regardless of his previous honorable record, has failed this time. He knew his mission five years ago and today the treatment of our veterans is worse than when he took office. A few more facts:

This is not a new problem and President Obama did not cause the problem. He has equally done nothing to fix it except make speeches about how as Commander-in-Chief he would make sure our vets were taken care of in the VA medical system. Instead after five years he is still studying the problem. The problem for the president and the progressives is that the VA is essentially a socialized medical system limited to veterans. The VA medical system is large but nowhere near the size of the Obamacare goal. The VA system, like all socialized medicine anywhere in the world, is run by the government. Government bureaucrats  have an unblemished history of failure in every socialize medicine scheme ever tried. The government does some things very well, running a socialized medical care system for veterans is not one of them. If the government cannot run the VA medical system effectively, how will they ever be able to run the much larger Obamacare?

The answer is they cannot, and this is the reason for all the delays and cover ups of the systemic failure of VA care for veterans in the last five years. The American people, while they can be fooled by nice-sounding words from a ‘cool’ president, they will finally recognize the lack of any attempt to solve the VA problem. The truth is that the progressives are not and never have been in the market to fix problems. Instead all their effort is dedicated to gaining power in order to transform America into a one-party totalitarian socialist nation.

What is most vexing is that there is a solution. Give veterans a voucher to go to any medical facility of their choice. It is time to scrap the VA medical care establishment and stop the substandard medical care of our veterans. Socialized medicine in any form cannot be fixed. It can only be replaced. We have had since the end of the Civil War to study the effectiveness of the VA. That should be long enough even for this progressive administration.



This Memorial Day, remember those who fought and died and continue to fight and die for the freedoms of this nation, and honor them. Our president doesn’t seem to be doing so.







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Numbers. A seven-letter word that is more of a concept than a word. I believe numbers have been one of the first parts of human cognitive development for thousands of years. Numbers may have been one of the earliest record-keeping concepts of human or pre-human thought. We tend to  count everything. An accurate count is the prerequisite to evaluation and analysis. Take the sports world: everything is counted and recorded accurately. We have come to accept that numbers are the first level of truth. Numbers have to be trusted. Without nearly total trust, numbers are useless.

Politicians, business executives, sports managers, scientists, educators, government officials, all cannot perform their functions without good numbers. Yet numbers have long been used by managers of all kinds to make their work appear more successful than it actually is. This works only in the short-term, as we humans from our up close and personal relationship with numbers, just  know when numbers don’t add up. We have had a president who has been manipulating, abusing, and plain lying about numbers to make himself and his progressive policies appear to be far better than reality for the last five years.

You would think that even the most devoted progressive Obama supporter would wonder about the gap between the numbers the administration feeds the people and their own observations of ground truth. A few instances. Does anyone really believe the ‘real’ unemployment rate is 6.1 or 6.2 percent? Only if you failed to count the people who have tried for months to find a job without success, or the people who want full-time employment but can only find part-time work. If we count all the unemployed the number is over 12%. The president has lied about nearly every number he uses for a victory dance. The latest is the 7.1 million people who signed up for Obamacare. He knows that is a lie but will use it to shift the political dialogue away from Obamacare to the jobs issue. Many of his 7.1 million haven’t yet paid the required premium. Millions of others were forced off their policies by Obamacare requirements and needed insurance. New Medicaid covered people are most likely also included in the magical 7.1 million.

No thinking person should accept any of Obama’s numbers without verification. He uses numbers like issues to bash the opposition and not for accurately reporting facts. He uses numbers to paint the world he wants rather than reporting verified facts of the real world. His intention in the health field is to create a  situation so bad and so chaotic that he can send the ‘single payer’ riding to the rescue on a white horse. Those numbers will also be lies. Do the math.


By the author of the Jack Brandon novels. Agree? Disagree? Share your thoughts below and share with your friends to see what they think.



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The skill every magician must have is the ability to misdirect the attention of their audience. Good magicians are experts at re-direction to distract the most attentive audience. President Obama is a master of misdirection. The people, including congressional leaders and political talking heads, view Obama’s actions through a lens that does not apply to the present administration. This old lens evaluated political accomplishments, focused on national problems and the issues that define each problem.

For example, the problem of unemployment. Unemployment is not a new problem. We and the rest of the economically developed world have had more than a hundred years of grappling with unemployment and its associated issues. Financial, banking, and taxation issues often lead the way. Other issues are associated with foreign trade and education, especially the training of the work force, and the size and scope of the federal government.  The size of the federal bureaucracy  and its relationship of the states in our federal system is another relevant issue.

Both parties understand many of these issues need to be worked. The President doesn’t agree. He, like every disciple of Saul Alinsky, follows the mantra, “the issue is never the issue.” The issue is what is to be manipulated and used to destroy the opposition, not solve problems. In this case the opposition is the Republican Party. It must be destroyed or rendered ineffective before Obama’s transformation of America into a socialist nation can be completed.

Let’s look at a few of the Progressives’ misdirection actions.

Unemployment and under-employment: Most all economists and, for that matter, most Americans, know the economy is not good. Everyone knows people who cannot get a job, or are working several jobs. Young people graduating from colleges and universities cannot get jobs commensurate with their training. The facts are that a smaller percentage of Americans are in the work force than at any other time in the last several decades.

Obama’s Misdirection Magic message: Millions of jobs have been created by the Obama Administration. Unemployment is going down. The economy is on the way to recovery. Our policies are working.

The reality: Yes, millions of jobs have been created in the last five years but not nearly enough to keep pace with population growth. The unemployment rate has gone down only because millions of Americans have given up and have dropped out of the work force. If you have given up trying to find a job, you are not counted as being unemployed. The massive infusions of Federal Reserve funds (now tapering off from 86 billion a month to 75 billion per month) have fueled growth in the stock market and widened the gap between people who can afford to invest from those who can’t. But these historically unsound Keynesian monetary beliefs have not stimulated the economic growth that is necessary for everyone to benefit.

Obama Success: Result is that more people become dependent on the Government for living expenses and will vote to keep Progressives in power who will soon transformer our nation into a failing socialist economy.

The American health issue: There is and was broad interest in improving health care. Issues such as extension of health insurance to those who depend on charity or the emergency rooms of our hospitals, keeping your health care when moving from one job to another, the end to people losing their insurance due to “pre-existing conditions,” and several other areas. But most of us did not want to destroy the best medical care system in the world.

The Obama misdirection magic message: “If you like your health care, you can keep it. If you like your doctor you can keep your doctor.  The Affordable Health Care Act will save money. Millions of people will be able to afford health care.”  

The reality: The truth is you can’t keep the health care insurance you liked or your doctor and you will pay a significant increase in costs. Also more Americans will be without insurance coverage than before Obamacare started and you may not be able to go to the best health care centers like Mayo or the Cleveland Clinic. 

Obama success: The capitalist system of private insurance companies will be destroyed. Millions of people will be without health insurance. The cost will be so high, the federal government will have to fund health care. The chaos could and probably will result in a single-payer system known as socialized medicine. Millions of people depending on the progressive or socialist government for health care will be captive to the progressive government. If Obama had told what he knew to be true about the Affordable Care Act, it is doubtful it would have passed by the one-vote victory.  Obama won another election by misdirection and hiding information. This formula works for him.

President Obama’s magic show treatment of Benghazi, the IRS, NSA, spying on journalists, foreign policy, energy, tax policy, abuse of executive power, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Syria will be covered in the near future.

By the Author of the Jack Brandon novels. Please feel free to pass on all or parts of this blog.

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