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INSIGHTS 268: The Day The FBI Blinked

Sub Rosa Front CoverMark your political calendar. Today the Director of the FBI drove a spike through the heart of our living “Rule of Law.” It has been written by a wise man from our distant past that great civilizations and empires are ended, not from an outside force, but from political suicide. Under President Obama,it seems, the entire federal government has become corrupt. The IRS, CIA, State, Defense, Attorney General, DHS, HHS, EPA, leaders of both political parties and of Congress have bent to serve a wimpy but focused Executive branch that seems dedicated to destroying (transforming) our proud powerful nation. Transparency has been discarded for cover ups and spinning. From labor figures, to battlefield progress, to economic growth, no government figures can be trusted.

All that pales when placed alongside the FBI announcement that their Director cannot recommend charges be brought against Hillary Clinton by the Justice Department. Note the announcement came just days after a secret meeting between former President Clinton and the Attorney-General, even though he was a probable witness in a real or imagined investigation into the Clinton Foundation, and the very day that President Obama was joining Hillary on a campaign swing in North Carolina.

America is founded on the premise that the law must treat all citizens fairly and equally.  Not that there haven’t been examples of privileged citizens receiving special treatment, but nothing as blatant as the optics of the Clinton FBI scam. Probably the FBI ranks up there with the Supreme Court when it comes to the people’s trust. Don’t see how that trust can remain with the tortured statement delivered by the FBI Director. He had his chance to support “The Rule of Law” and opted, it seems, for political expediency. Whatever else he and his Agency do from now, this day will be marked as the day the nation’s chief law enforcer blinked, putting our freedom in greater danger.


My latest novel, The Sub Rosa Manuscript by Barry Kelly gives, I believe, a clear understandable account of the steady erosion of the personal and economic freedom we inherited from the sacrifices of those who went before us. It is now our turn to protect our inheritance by rejecting the empty promises of progressivism.

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InsightsAre you as tired as I am of hearing politicians say I’m a true conservative or I hold strong liberal views or I’m a fiscal libertarian, or I vote for progressive candidates? Enough of the ideological purists. We’ve had one for the last 7 plus years. How has that worked out? Well, we elected twice, the worst president in living memory, if not in our total political history. So, over half of us must be attracted to candidates claiming to be ideological purists. Enough of this madness. Whatever their beliefs, it is what they do that counts. Can the candidate of our choice, protect Americans and the American nation? Can they govern within our economic realities? Do they understand how wealth is created? Will they surround themselves with smart people and listen to them and the American people?

We understand the difference between verbal claims and performance in the world of sports. If you don’t produce, you’re out. The coaches and managers don’t care about your political ideology. In each contest you have to prove you can do your job. Imagine a professional sports coach starting their interview for the head coaching job by saying, I’m a conservative, or a liberal, or a Presbyterian, or a Buddhist or a Muslim. Think the team’s owner would be impressed? The whole infatuation with purist titles is not relevant when it comes to solving problems and managing something as vast and complicated as our government.

President Obama got his job by speaking eloquently about his vision of transforming America. He had no experience managing anything. College instructors, community organizers and state or federal senators don’t manage anything. In President Obama’s case his ideology, was influenced, if not formed, by the writings of Mr. Saul Alinsky. Mr. Alinsky’s central premise is, “The Issue is never The Issue.” By that he meant issues don’t matter. Don’t even try to solve problems or fix things. Just use each issue to destroy the opposition. Take any side of any issue and change sides whenever it is to your advantage to do so. The end always justifies the means when your purpose is to take power away from those who have it and give it to those who don’t. Progressives, following Mr. Alinsky’s teaching, believe lying is not a bad thing. Hillary Clinton has also been influenced by Mr. Alinsky, whom she knew personally. Lying to accomplish goals is a part of her drive to win the highest office in the land.

I don’t care if the coaches of the professional sports teams I follow, share my personal beliefs or a political label with me. I just want them to build the team and win games. Let’s get over voting for ideological purity and elect someone who can solve problems and fix what’s wrong with the nation and put American back it is proper place in the world. Both our people and the world will benefit.



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InsightsThe 2016 election is critical. The two paths are very divergent. There are clear choices. No one should be confused. It is not surprising Bernie Sanders is so popular among our young citizens. He is offering hope for a better life and a change for the better in the way America works. His pitch sounds sincere because it is. Senator Sanders believes it himself. That in itself is remarkable. There are very few over the age of 50, who are not part of the governing elite, that will follow the charming tunes of Socialism.

By the age of 50 most of us have seen and even experienced the ability of Socialism to deliver its promised land of equality and opportunity. The lessons of history are not relevant to the young. They certainly weren’t to me when I was in my early twenties and believed government was the answer to all our problems. Our evil was Communism. We all knew that was an ugly harsh type of government. It wasn’t until later that most of my generation learned that Socialism is a necessary step in the road to Communism. Social revolutions invariable end up in one-party rule by an intellectual elite that controls all aspects of the economy and dictates life’s choices. Individual freedom of choice is gone and Socialism/Communism with big government dictate all of life’s choices.

Perhaps the clearest and closest example is Cuba. Fifty plus years after the revolution, the government controls everything. Dissent is not allowed and is severely punished. Cuba is not an isolated example. Russia, China, Germany, North Korea and Eastern Europe followed the same path, sometimes imposed by an outside power. You may say Germany did not have a Communist government under Hitler. The Nazi Party’s name was the ‘National Socialist Party’ and there is very little difference to the people between Fascism and Communism. In both cases big government owns and controls everything and there is no democratic way to vote the ruling elite out of power.

No matter how good the words sound, Socialism cannot exist without one-party rule. The so-called half socialist nations of Europe are still on their journey to a one-party system. Another generation and they will have big government control unless they find the will and courage to make the change.

Unless by some miracle the traditional left-of-center Democratic Party regains control from the Progressives, the choice in November of 2016 will be between Socialism and some form of Capitalism. If the choice is a candidate of the current Democratic/Progressive Party, the road back will be closed. The current difference is that Bernie Sanders preaches what he believes and Hillary Clinton says whatever helps her to get elected. The truth is not relevant according to her ideological mentor, Saul Alinsky, the author of Rules for Radicals.

My books, “INSIGHTS: Transforming America — Is this what we fought for?” and INSIGHTS Stepping Stones to Tyranny, are available from your local book store and on Kindle or Nook. I’ve kept the price low because I want this message to get to as many people as possible. Please pass this essay on to your friends and contacts. These two books will help you understand Obama and explain what is happening to your nation, family and friends. I’ll respond to as many comments and questions as I can.9781941069226-stones cover copy

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Advisor's vault doorThe President and the Advisor were seated at the polished cherry conference table in the Advisor’s underground suite. Both were enjoying a rare moment of small talk. The President poured himself another cup of steaming dark Columbian and said, “I wish I could relax in the Oval Office as well as I do in your cave.”

The Advisor replied, “When people are in the Oval Office they want something from you and they all have their own agendas. Down here everything you say stays here. There is no need for you to perform and I have no agenda other than to help you in small ways to run the country.”

“Will you be here for my successor?”

“Mr. President, I’m not even sure I will last the rest of your term. Down here the aging process seems to accelerate. A new Advisor will be here for the next president. Our history of the Advisor activity shows nearly all presidents do not come down here in the first year or so of their term. This place is lonely enough even when you come down here three or four times a month. Without your visits, I don’t think I would have lasted this long.”

“It is very possible that my former Secretary of State will be elected. What did you think of her performance when she testified in front of the Benghazi Committee?”

“Congressional hearings are seldom successful. The format seriously handicaps disciplined, effective questioning. All the members are up for election every two years and, therefore, are constantly campaigning. Face time in front of the nation is too important an opportunity to focus on pure investigative examining of the witness. The partisan membership of the committee and the alternating rotation of examiners nearly ensures nothing definitive will result. Everyone going into the hearing knew the long history of the witness and her willingness to avoid the truth.”

“She and I have both been shaped by the teaching of Saul Alinsky. She had a long-term personal relationship with America’s most influential revolutionary. I never had the opportunity to meet this great thinker. But I’m still uncomfortable with her replacing me in the White House. While down here, I will admit to lying to the people on many occasions, I avoid the truth only when it harms my efforts to transform America into a socialist state with no more military or economic power than many other nations. I do not lie to benefit my personal wealth. My former Secretary of State and her husband never take their eyes off the money. From the beginning of their political careers it has been about the money.

“I’m sure you have noticed how she avoided spreading the Benghazi lie about the infamous video and instead recommended my longtime friend, Susan Rice, go out to sell the video lie to the nation on national TV. She knew much more about Benghazi than I even did. She undoubtedly knew security there was inadequate and knew requests for more security from the ambassador had been turned down. For my part it was less than 60 days before the national election. I probably wouldn’t have won if the nation knew the truth about Benghazi. My policies in the Middle East would have been discredited.

“Here, I followed my revolutionary mentor, Mr. Alinsky, that the issue is never the issue and the end justifies the means. Telling the truth that we sacrificed the people at Benghazi and never even tried to rescue or support them would have given the Republicans enough momentum to have defeated me and the process of transforming America. The creation of a new nation of wealth sharing, equal opportunity, and the replacement of capitalism with socialism would have suffered a very serious setback. Benghazi is a ‘bump in the road’ on the path to socialism. History is full of similar choices by leaders. I had no real choice.”

“I agree, your former Secretary of State does not share your ideological purity. It is more personal with her. I do not feel I could serve as her advisor. I also don’t think she will be able to carry on your transformation program. She doesn’t have the touch.”

“Right now, that problem bothers me more than all the other challenges I still face. I must go now, but will be back sometime next week.”

This is an account written by a fictional advisor who doesn’t exist but should.

Check out the latest Jack Brandon mystery suspense novel at your local bookstore. Follow the author on Twitter @factsfictions80.

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Advisor's vault doorThe President had been chatting with the Advisor for a few minutes about nothing in particular. He appeared to be very relaxed and at ease. The final 18 months of a second term will do that to a president, the Advisor thought.

He seems to be interested in the activities and prospects of the candidates in the Republican and Democratic primaries. Why not focus on what he is interested in rather than trying my prepared questions?  

The President was topping off his coffee cup so the Advisor asked, “Mr. President, why do you think Hillary is losing ground to Senator Sanders?”

“Remember when I told you that I don’t follow the law, I use it? Well, to do that takes real political skill and a very thick political skin. I use the law, or my interpretation of the law, to move America to a more equitable political system, one to the left of the European models. I enjoy the good life but the people don’t see me trying to amass great wealth. In my opinion, the Clintons don’t have an image of a better America in their vision. Rather, they have a vision of more money and power for the themselves. Her problems with emails and the activities of their foundation have nothing to do with moving America to a better social and political system. Those problems were created by the need to hide irregularities of mixing a government position with the needs of a money-making foundation. They are far richer than I am and ever will be. It is hard to convince the people you are the champion of their well-being when your own capitalistic greed is there to see. Hillary kept secrets from me when she used her own email server instead of the required and mandated government system server. It’s probable that several of our national security secrets were exposed by being on an unprotected private server.”

“You believe her fading poll numbers are due solely to the way she failed to separate the nation’s needs from her own?”

“No, not solely. Senator Sanders is capitalizing on a little discussed but prominent feature of the democratic process. America started out as a republic. A system of government that used the political power of the states and the electoral college system of the election process to insulate the nation’s political process from the ‘one person, one vote’ premise that is necessarily a part of democratic ideology. Today we have moved away from the ways the American republic protected itself from exclusive control of the popular vote. As soon as the people realized they could vote themselves benefits, the door was open for politicians to begin promising them anything to win votes. Remember ‘hope and change?’ When America becomes a true democracy, where ‘one person, one vote’ is a reality, only the states with the most voters will control the nation. On the far left of  American political ideology, where I am now, there is strong support for moving away from the electoral college system and adopting a nationwide popular vote, for all national elections. States will only have control of election to state offices. Senator Sanders maybe the first national office holder who is appealing solely to the wants of the people, not what the nation needs.”

“What about your vice president moving into the race?”

“He can’t win without my support. Unless the FBI investigation leads to Hillary withdrawing, I can’t see anyone else who could win the presidency other than her.”

“Will the FBI investigation lead to her withdrawing?”

“My position is that is up to her and the FBI. I won’t help her. Once it seemed clear she had broken the law and probably exposed classified national security information to our enemies, the FBI had to investigate.” The President finished his last sip of coffee and set the cup down. “Why don’t we talk about the Republican candidates the next time I can get down here?”

“Fine, Mr. President, I would like that.”


This is an account written by a fictional advisor who doesn’t exist but should.

Check out the latest Jack Brandon mystery suspense novels at your local bookstore. Follow the author on Twitter @factsfictions80.



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The darling of the progressive left of the Democratic Party is fast losing her appeal. A bit of pragmatism is settling into the progressives. To complete the socialization of America by destroying its economy and military power to make this nation an average member of the world order with a one-party system of government, they need to capture the White House in 2016. If they don’t, the progress toward socialism made by Obama will be wiped out by a party of mainstream Americans. I believe they are increasingly coming to the belief that Hillary cannot win.

She just has too much baggage and few to zero accomplishments. She is not even a good campaigner. Her speeches are mind-numbing. Let’s look at the balance sheet of advantages and disadvantages of Hillary Clinton. Beyond name recognition, I cannot point out any other asset besides, of course, her relationship with Wall Street. On the bad baggage side, she lost a primary to a first-term senator whose only accomplishment was that he could flawlessly deliver a speech as long as it was printed on a teleprompter. Barack Obama outsmarted the Clinton’s at every turn. He knew she was a poor campaigner.

As Secretary of State I cannot think of a single accomplishment of hers beyond accumulating more frequent flyer miles than any of her predecessors. Our relationships with Russia, Sunni Arabs, China, Israel, NATO nations are all less effective now than when she took office. During her service as Secretary of State she acted as if she was above the law and government rules and procedures.

Perhaps the worst was the tragedy of Benghazi. She knowingly lied to the surviving families of the dead Americans at Andrews Air Force Base as their loved ones were arriving in flag-draped coffins from Libya. She knew they died in an attack by terrorists and that she had denied the repeated requests of the State Department personnel in Benghazi to improve their security. Instead, she blamed the attack on an offensive video and promised to bring the responsible film producer to justice. He was punished but not in the name of justice. Of all the things I have seen in government, this is the most despicable of all.

There is no end to the damage Hillary can cause. She can’t even leave government employment without breaking more laws with her incredible disdain for the use of government communications channels for all official communications. It is not only the need to maintain government records but also the protection of classified information that is ignored by the use of a private server in your own home. If anything, Hillary’s government operations are even less transparent than the president’s.

But she won’t be thrown under the bus for these failings but for the growing awareness that she will be a loser. The progressives will draft someone else before the convention.

Written by the author of the Jack Brandon thriller/suspense novels and “Insights: Transforming America — Is This What We Fought For?” available now as an e-book, in paperback or hardcover on Amazon.com or BN.com. Another analytical book on the transforming process, “Insights: Stepping Stones to Tyranny,” is now published and available in paperback at $9.95 and on nook and kindle at $3.99. Follow the author on Twitter @factsfictions80. “ISIS Quiet Justice,” a new Jack Brandon novel dealing with ISIS in America, will be out in early April.

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Fate and luck have often produced the leadership needed in times of crises. Unfortunately, neither fate nor luck have given America the leadership she needs to combat the virulent march of Islamic radicals across Syria and Iraq. We have a president who is ill-equipped to deal with real world crises. He leans toward the Muslim side in all foreign policy issues. The president has surrounded himself with inexperienced department heads who share his view of the world. Both the critical departments of State and Defense are under pedestrian leadership. Clinton, Kerry, Hagel, and Dempsey have been conducting foreign and defense policy designed to withdraw America from a super power role to one consistent with the goals of the United Nations, an organization that has no love for American power.

Our executive leadership is implementing a plan to bring American troop strength down to pre-World War II levels at a time when radical Islam is sweeping across the Middle East and Putin is moving to reconstitute the Soviet Empire.  (According to media reports, 900 army majors have been given termination notices, some while in combat areas. Majors and sergeants are the backbone of any army. It will take ten or twenty years to replace their knowledge and experience.)

But that is not the worst. A significant part of our population is increasingly anti-military and doesn’t recognize that all violence is not evil. All our personal freedoms and national security at times need violence to protect the nation and its citizens. The belief that we can control or positively influence enemies, current or potential, by our unilateral behavior is foolish to the point of suicidal. That unilateral disarmament on our part will lead other nations to act accordingly is a belief, not only naive and arrogant, but without any historical evidence. The president and his attorney general have often stated closing Guantanamo Bay will make it harder for radical Muslims to recruit new members. What deters enemies is strength and they will to use it.

While young Muslim boys (girls don’t get to go to school in the world of Sharia law) are being taught to hate the West and to learn how to be soldiers, our children are being punished for pointing a pretend finger gun or engaging in any act that might be construed to represent Christianity. Recently the media reported a young school girl was disciplined when she said, “Bless you” to a classmate who had sneezed. The spirit that got us through two World Wars and several others, needs to be rekindled. The meek don’t inherit the earth; in the real world they get themselves or others killed.

Before we encourage the spread of Islam in America, the citizens should know Islam is not a religion of peace. The Koran has none of the forgiveness, love, gentleness, or acceptance of the people of other religions that is contained in the New Testament. Muslim teachings support forcible conversions of non-Muslims and the killings of those who don’t convert. The imposition of Sharia Law is the end game of radical Islam that is, today, being carried out by ISIS.  Occupation and domination is the plan. The end result of radical Islam is to impose a totalitarian rule run by an elite group. Funny how the progressive, socialist, communist, Islamic or fascist systems of governing all have the same end result, rule by an elite who make your choices for you. Individual freedom is not an issue. None of them believe in it.

Fortunately, we can see what the Islamization of Europe is doing. It is spreading fast and even imposing Sharia Law in some areas where the Muslim population is dominate. The United Kingdom now has more Muslim citizens fighting for ISIS than it has Muslims in its own armed forces. Muslim immigrants do not assimilate. They maintain their own language, culture, law, and education. Local mosques are the spearhead for the spread of Islam. It need not happen here. It must not.

Written by the author of “Insights: Transforming America — Is This What We Fought For?” available now as an ebook, in paperback or hardcover on Amazon.com or BN.com. Follow the author on Twitter @factsfictions80.

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