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The Advisor had been pacing up and down his office for nearly an hour. He was truly troubled. He hadn’t seen the President for two weeks. Even worse, if the President did come down to see him, he had nothing to say to him. He sighed heavily and sat down to drink some coffee and collect his thoughts.

The problem between us is deeply rooted in the President’s ideology and a long series of political successes by following the wishes of the far left. Only now, the President has the power. He is the President of what some still think is the most powerful nation in world history. Any historian can tell you that winning power and exercising power are two very different processes. In the struggle to seize power, you are not expected to solve the kinds of problems all presidents face. Words of inspiration and hope, and promising voters a better world are the tools of the power seeker. It doesn’t matter much if the words are true or not because the end justifies the means. To someone trying to win power, every action is good as long as the end is the seizure of power from your opponents.

The Advisor pulled out his journal and started to write:

To govern in a democracy or a republic, you must please the people by delivering security, economic progress,  social services, and national pride. In a totalitarian government, force and fear are required tools of governing. In democracies, truth is important. In dictatorships, truth doesn’t matter. Mass murder and the abolishment of freedom is the usual formula for controlling the opposition. Our current President doesn’t seem to realize he is now the man-in-charge. He must now solve issues, not just use them to weaken the opposition. Americans want to trust the word of the President. President Obama is still in campaign mode during which he used untruths successfully to defeat political opponents. The constant blaming of others is not presidential. Holding back information that makes the Administration look bad is not presidential. I’m afraid people have lost faith in his word. Once that happens it is nearly impossible to reverse.

How can I advise a President whom the people no longer trust? What should I do for the next three years of his term? The nation is in some peril and President Obama is playing to the tune of “I didn’t know,” and “I will get to the bottom of this.” That might be right because I believe he has reached the bottom. He has used up the blaming of others. He needs to spend more time looking in the mirror. I doubt even his mirror image can trust his word.

All I can do is record my thoughts in the Journal for my successors to read. Truly, I would like to help him but when a President loses the trust of the people, his term is up. I have no idea what he or the nation should do for the next three years. Except for the progressive lemmings in the Senate and the media, there would be calls for impeachment on the grounds that he has committed at least five Watergates. Ben Ghazi and the IRS scandals being the worst. Only he is already being punished — by the sentence of three years of late-night jokes.

The Advisor put down his pen. He took another sip of coffee and reread what he had just written. It hurt him to read “I have no idea what he or the nation should do for the next three years.” He meant it, and it meant trouble for the U.S.

This blog is written by the author of the Jack Brandon novels. The author has 27 years of government service, including two years serving Meeting with President Reagan, Vice President Bush, Deputy National Security Adviser Frank Carlucci and General Colin Powell in the Oval Office.

President Ronald Reagan in the 1980s as an advisor. Considering today’s volatile political situation, you are encouraged to share this on Facebook and to click the “like” button below. Comments and dialogue are welcome.


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Individual freedom and justice are the two pillars upon which our system of government has been built. From those two pillars come the rule of law and individual freedom. I believe what we were in the 1600’s and what we are now is due to the freedom of individuals to seek their own destiny. America is a great nation, the greatest nation in the history of the world. We are not a great because off what our early settlers brought with them but rather because of what they left behind in Europe and Asia.
Our black citizens from Africa never had the same opportunity. Whatever impediments to progress and individual freedom they left behind, they found no advantages here. They did not get off the slave ships into a land of individual freedom and opportunity for them. Instead they found slavery and slavery is as far from individual freedom as you can get. Their freedom did not begin until after the Civil War.
For others, the cultures, rulers and religions their ancestors sailed away from did not recognized the individual as the basis of society. Conformity to the culture and religion and obedience to the monarch was the code to survival. No where was empowerment of the individual encouraged or tolerated. The genius and drive of the individual to build nations and raise masses of people above the poverty level was never unleashed in Europe or Asia when America was being settled. The concept of equality in Europe, Asia and most of the rest of the world is based on everyone ending up with their fair and equal share of the nation’s wealth. To achieve those goals Individual Exceptionalism is discouraged.
In those lands, equality is achieved by pulling down or penalizing individual success for the good of the many, instead of encouraging the general up lifting of society. The Fabian Socialists, until now mostly in Europe, would argue that approach is simply sacrificing the few for equality of the many. This approach has not worked so far, but its adherents seem to have difficulty recognizing the lessons of history and the costly record in human terms of centralized social engineering from the left or right.
And so today, we are embarked on another quest to level the playing field. Instead,equal opportunity for all citizens is what we need to accomplish, recognizing that equal opportunity does not mean everyone gets an equal share of earned wealth. We all have different levels of ability, motivation, discipline and luck. To have true individual freedom, we must let those factors play out with little or no  meddling by bureaucratic centralists with the best of intentions.
It is the people who built this great nation. Not as directed by the government, but by the individual efforts and sacrifices of millions and millions of Americans striving to improve themselves and the country they lived in. For sure, America has natural resources, a good climate and a protected strategic location. But those are not the reasons we are and can remain a great Nation. Greatness is from the work of a proud and free people. Enjoy and protect.


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