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INSIGHTS 266 A Setback For Global Socialism


The British people who brought us democracy and enriched all our lives, have stepped into the breach again and said, “ENOUGH.” The Socialist bureaucracy of the European Union was dealt a severe setback. An organization that was created to prevent any more wars between France and Germany by making all of Europe a free market zone, met its objectives.

But the European socialist ideology forced the issue by adding political regulation to the European free trade zone. No surprise, that is what socialist/progressive followers do. The socialist adherence to rule by an enlightened progressive elite instead of the people, was moving toward a Global political Europe run by a bureaucratic elite in Brussels. Free movement of any person in the EU across national borders without border checks or visas was a Sub Rosa Front Coverlong-standing tenet of the EU.

Adding a surge of Muslim immigrants from Middle Eastern countries where radical Islam created hundreds of thousands of refugees provided the catalyst for national unrest in several EU nations. The history of Islamic migration to Europe showed these immigrants brought their culture, law, religion and language with them. Assimilation into the social fabric of the nations that accepted them did not happen.

If the British people hadn’t shown the wisdom and courage to stand against global socialism, there may not have been another chance for free people everywhere to resist the rising tide of rule by bureaucrats appointed by progressive governments. Take a hard look at how far Obama’s progressive transformation has empowered rule by appointed bureaucrats in America. Globalization and centralism are the twin tools that have always served those who want to establish rule by a talented elite of their followers.

My latest novel, The Sub Rosa Manuscript by Barry Kelly gives, I believe, a clear understandable account of the steady erosion of the personal and economic freedom we inherited from the sacrifices of those who went before us. It is now our turn to protect our inheritance by rejecting the empty promises of progressivism.

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Advisor's vault door“Mr. President, I want to read something you said last week when I asked, ‘Are you using the leading from behind strategy in the Middle East and primarily in Syria?’ And you answered, ‘Of course. My objective is to change or transform the world order. How could I do that if I was openly leading the action? I’m leading from behind. Iran, ISIS, and Russia are doing exactly what I want. If Russia ends up being a power in the Middle East with warm water ports for their warships and control of oil from the region won’t that end the strife and lead to a world society where the people will be much better off and the world’s wealth and resources will be more equitably distributed?

“‘Russia will have what they have always wanted. They have no desire to occupy Europe. The balance of world power will be forever changed for the better. The need for vast military expenditures will be gone. Colonialism, capitalism, and imperialism will be history. Those are the real evil “isms” of our world. Progressivism is the natural ideology for a world of equals.’”

“Given the very aggressive move by Putin into Syria in the last two weeks with his demand that U.S. aircraft no longer fly over Syria, will you need to change your approach?”

“Putin is following a long developed strategy followed by all the czars. He is the first to succeed in actually establishing a growing military presence in the Middle East. The Russian fleet will now have an all-weather sea port for their warships. He will be popular at home for a short time. Then the people will find out what it costs them to sponsor another client state. Control of Iraqi oil fields may provide some funds for Putin’s military build up and support for a bankrupt Syria but that will not be enough.

“He will soon have another Afghanistan on his hands. Remember how they moved into Afghanistan unopposed in President’s Carter’s one term? He was surprised. I am not. This a perfect response from Putin who is unknowingly assisting me in changing the current world order. Whether he stays for a decade or more in Syria, the Middle East will never be the same. The Christian, imperialistic, capitalistic western power will be balanced by the growing power of the Islamic nations who actually live in the Middle East. Those people will be governing themselves and using their wealth and intellectual resources for the good of a previously oppressed people.

“My concern is keeping the right wing ideologues from convincing my successor to oppose the Russian push into Syria. No matter what Putin does, I will not respond with American power. In a few more years American power both military and economically will be gone for good.”

“What about all the death and misery being inflicted on the people of Syria and Iraq?”

“It will pass in less than a decade. People always suffer when the tide of historical power shifts against existing rulers. Spreading Muslim people throughout the Christian world through chaotic refugee flows is not a bad thing. The shift in population demographics will actually act as a catalyst for a more rapid transformation in the Western world. I couldn’t be happier. Progress never takes place without chaos. The more chaos, the more rapid the pace of transformation can be.”

“Does anyone in your administration share your view of the world?”

“Really only one and she is constantly encouraging me to move more quickly.  A few others think they know but they don’t. Their thinking is still mired down in the Western approach of looking at governing as the constant solving of issues. As long as they stay out of the way, they do no harm in playing with transient problems that have no solution without transformation.”

“Mr. President, I think I’m safe in saying no other president has ever shared your view of America and the world.”

“I agree. See you next week. You are the only person I can truthfully talk to besides my co-partner in transformation. Good night.”


This is an account written by a fictional advisor who doesn’t exist but should.

Check out the latest Jack Brandon mystery suspense novel at your local bookstore. Follow the author on Twitter @factsfictions80.






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obamaBefore jumping into the trenches to fight Obama’s executive action on immigration, remember that is exactly what he wants conservatives to do. His tactics haven’t changed. He doesn’t care one smidgen (a presidential word) about Hispanics. Never has and never will. He proved that when he chose Obamacare over immigration.

But he cares a lot about the immigration issue. This issue is tailor-made for a ranting progressive to mislead the people into believing his opposition is anti-immigration and wants to break up families and keep illegal immigrants from ever getting a path to citizenship.He wants to use the immigration issue to attack the Republican congress.

By making villains out of his opposition he can show he still is a force to be reckoned with and that he still has the support of the large number of people who didn’t come out and vote for him. I can understand how Hispanic illegals think the president’s illegal action is a wonderful thing. Finally a step toward becoming a legal resident and all that means.

In fact, nothing has changed. No one was going to deport the people affected by his action. Most of them have been here for a generation. The vast majority of conservatives are very willing to have law-abiding, hardworking people stay here and become citizens.

My single reservation is one most conservatives share. You cannot have immigration reform, including a clear and obtainable path to citizenship, until the border is secured. Otherwise making it legal for millions of illegal immigrants to stay here will only attract a flood of new people illegally crossing our open border. That is what happened under President Reagan when many illegal immigrants were allowed to remain in America. The Republicans told us then that part of the bill would make the border secure. It never happened.

How can anyone trust the word of a president and his administration who have deliberately and knowingly lied several times to the American people? There is no longer any trust of this government. Only the progressives who are intent on transforming America into a socialist nation believe in the leadership of President Obama.

I can’t find a better example of the president’s slavish adherence to Saul Alinsky’s political creed, the issue is never the issue. Never try to solve national or international problems, just capture an issue and attack the opposition. Any means to take power from the haves and give it to the have-nots is good. The end justifies the means. That, fellow Americans, is what Obama’s immigration order is all about.

Written by the author of the Jack Brandon thriller/mystery novels and “Insights: Transforming America — Is This What We Fought For?” available now as an ebook, in paperback or hardcover on Amazon.com or BN.com. Another analytical book on the transforming process, “Stepping Stones to Tyranny,” will be published before Christmas. Follow the author on Twitter @factsfictions80. Please forward this message to your Republican representatives.


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INSIGHTS 170 — Writer’s Choice

With the publication of my second non-fiction book, “Stepping Stones to Tyranny,” I will have said most of what I believe about the dangers of -ISMs, progressivism in any form without repeating the same theme. “Stepping Stones to Tyranny” has been approved by CIA in manuscript form but they still need to approve the galley proofs before I can publish the book.

“Stepping Stones” is a follow to “INSIGHTS: Transforming America — Is This What We Fought for?” with new material. Both of these books were written to explain the ‘transformation process’ to all Americans regardless of political leanings. If we get the government we deserve, as many pundits have stated, we at least should understand what we voted for.

I will still write some blogs, but fewer and not all about politics. My keyboard is now occupied with my fifth novel in the Justice series using Jack Brandon and his team to keep us safe from terrorism, both foreign and home grown. I’m having fun again. I enjoy putting my characters in dangerous positions and watching them deal with the bad guys. I know these characters so well they take over the writing, or, at least, it seems they do. I now call my novel in progress “Quiet Justice.” Of course, my editor and publisher haven’t approved my title yet.

As a parting reminder: It doesn’t matter which party increases the size of government, it is the absolutely wrong thing for a free people to do. Without big government and the high taxes necessary to support it, tyranny doesn’t have much of a chance. Deciding when government is big enough to perform its constitutional duties and when its very size presents a danger to freedom should be the decision foremost in every politician’s head. For the conservatives the danger of big government is the lynch pin in their core beliefs. Nearly everything else is negotiable.

Written by the author of the Jack Brandon thriller/mystery novels and “Insights: Transforming America — Is This What We Fought For?” available now as an ebook, in paperback or hardcover on Amazon.com or BN.com. Follow the author on Twitter @factsfictions80. If you think this message is important, please share it.

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Watch carefully as President Obama spins his immigration web. The purpose is not to help Hispanics or to fix a national disgrace. Like all web weavers what the web traps is for them. Obama executive orders or agency directives on immigration are to make the Hispanics believe he cares about them and to show Hispanics and others that the Republicans are against immigrants and their children. The president’s web is spun with a weave of inter-tangled issues. Look closely and you will find in the immigration web these issues.

Border Security

All Americans and all Hispanics know the border is not secure and if you are caught, you will soon be released in America. No matter how many Democratic border governors preach the border is secure we know it is not. When Republicans push for border security, Obama twists their concern for border security into an issue that reads “Republicans do not want Hispanics in America.” The border is open because Obama and his progressive lemmings want as many Hispanics crossing into America as possible for Hispanic votes for Democrats.

Work Permits

As part of immigration legislation, work permits are a good thing but we must also be aware that adding more potential workers to the workforce does not help citizens looking for work. Once we get the progressives’ feet off the brake of economic growth we will need the Hispanic workers. Their work ethic and entrepreneurship will be welcome in the economy. The Obama message regarding work permits is: “Republicans do not want Hispanic workers unless they can get away with very low wages and no benefits.”


This is a word that has no place in immigration legislation. It is only a word that stirs up Republican and labor union fears. Does it mean immediate citizenship? No! Does it mean no more fear of deportation or court appearances? Maybe. But this word has no positive connotation. It is only web material that makes meaningful legislation and the necessary bi-partisanship more difficult. It is, however, an issue progressives use to destroy the opposition. Is that you?

Citizenship Path

These two words add nothing positive to Immigration legislation. Any immigration bill will have not one, but several paths to citizenship. For instance, military service for a stated number of years, competence in the English language and American history, and no record of felonies. That should be enough to qualify for American citizenship. Obama progressives make real legislation difficult by hinting at paths to citizenship that are ill-defined or not acceptable by the opposition just so they can preach, “Republicans don’t ever want Hispanics to become American citizens.”

Don’t get caught in Obama’s immigration web. It will not be easy to escape the web spinner’s goal of progressive one-party rule in America.

Written by the author of “Insights: Transforming America — Is This What We Fought For?” available now as an ebook, in paperback or hardcover on Amazon.com or BN.com. Follow the author on Twitter @factsfictions80. If you think this message is important, please share it.

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