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InsightsFor the next few blogs I’m going to publish excerpts from my book, ISBN 978-1-941069-09-7 “INSIGHTS: Transforming America — Is this what we fought for?” This book is now out in paperback and on Kindle or Nook. I’ve kept the price low because I want this message to get to as many people as possible. Please pass these blogs on to your friends and contacts. For those of you who have read my book, you needn’t read again the same words, but please pass them on. I’ll respond to as many comments and questions as I can. If you’ve had difficulty understanding this president, reading “INSIGHTS” will help you understand Obama and explain what is happening to your family and friends, conservatives or not.


Seizing power and re-distributing wealth is the holy grail of progressivism and its followers will champion whatever “issue” they need in order to destroy the opposition.

For the progressives in the end, even election fraud is a legitimate means as long as the goal is the transformation of the existing society. Lying to the people, using the civil service, especially the IRS and Justice Department, to work for progressive goals is the right and even the moral course of action.

If you don’t have a crisis to frighten the people into accepting a progressive transformation of their nation, a crisis must be created. People who are unemployed, failing to support their families, seeing their savings vanish, losing trust in the government, believing they must take part in class warfare, losing hope for the future of their children and nation, will, in their fear and desperation, be willing to accept the false solutions of the progressives.

What is the progressive plan? Let’s start with The Affordable Care Act or Obamacare. Here the plan is not to give the people better medical care. The real intent is to take control of seven percent of the American economy. Alinsky followers believe that if you control health care, you control the people. Insurance companies must become part of the government under control of the progressive elite.

People will lose their existing health care insurance and be forced to pay for “better” health care provided by Obamacare. The “better” health care insurance will be more expensive with much higher deductibles. The health care providers will not be able to cover the population with adequate insurance coverage. Millions will have no coverage. Others will be struggling to pay for health care. Out of the shambles of the Affordable Care Plan, America’s health care will be in chaos. The opposition, the Republican Party, has no answer or solution. This is perfect for the progressive leadership. Suddenly, the progressives put forward a single-payer plan or true socialized medicine as the only possible solution. With the choices seen as between chaos or a single-payer system where Obamacare covers everyone and higher taxes pay the bill, the people will vote for a single-payer system.

Written by the author of “Insights: Transforming America — Is This What We Fought For?” available now as an ebook, in paperback or hardcover on Amazon.com or BN.com. Follow the author on Twitter @factsfictions80. If you think this message is important, please share it.

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When Congressional leaders like John McCain and John Boehner do not understand Obama’s progressive transformation plan and continue to expect him to deal with issues facing the nation, we are in trouble.

That is why I wrote my first non-fiction book, “INSIGHTS: Transforming America — Is InsightsThis What We Fought For?” Every American who is concerned about their family’s future and the well-being of America needs to read this book. I believe the book’s message is so important, I sent proof copy books and letters to 20 leading conservative thinkers and leaders in the country. I need their support, and yours, to get the word out.  The digital copy and hard copy versions are now available at Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Please help spread the word to your friends and neighbors.

When you start to read this book and begin the journey, try hard not to jump to the conclusion that I’m being too hard on President

President Obama, photo by the New York Daily News.

President Obama, photo by the New York Daily News.

Obama. Once you understand his motivation and where that motivation comes from, his tracks are easy to follow. He is a very different type of American politician, one that we have not seen the likes of before.

My new  book was written so every American could understand the progressive transformation. There may not be many more chances to derail the current rush toward a socialist nation. This book is a code-breaker for understanding your president and defeating progressives in the polling booth come November. I guarantee that after reading “INSIGHTS,” you will clearly see Obama’s transformation for what it is. In the progressives’ world, there is no room for conservatives, libertarians, moderate Democrats or independents. Look for these groups in the dust bin of history if the transformation process continues under Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton.

Five percent of profits from the sale of this book will go to a veteran cause. Your comments are welcome and needed. God Bless America.


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