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Were you listening when candidate and president-elect Barack Obama read from his teleprompter? He didn’t say he was going to lead America to new heights and work to fix the nation’s problems. No! He said he was going to transform America.

That was a new word for most of us. We are accustomed to the soaring rhetoric of politicians. They speak in sound bites and “transform America” did not sound ominous. But it was. We just weren’t listening.

obamafaceWe expected needed fixes to our health care, more spending, attention to welfare programs and a less aggressive foreign policy approach, but most of us did not expect the onslaught on America’s holy grail of individual freedoms, constitutional lines of the separation of powers, and our economic and military power. The usual Democratic Party’s fixation on the distribution of wealth by government degree rather than on the more for everyone by expanding our economy was also understood.

After nearly six years, even the most apology-prone elements of American politics recognize the Obama game plan is new and different. The dumbest members of our society seem to be located in Congress and refer to themselves as Republicans. They, as usual, are out of step with their constituents. The speaker, the only Republican who holds real power, doesn’t understand the rules of the game have changed. For some reason, he is afraid of using his real power, the constitutional power of the House to control the allocation of tax dollars to challenge the president’s expansion of executive power, the inordinate increase of the size and scoop of government, the political corruption of the civil service, the deliberate weakening of our armed forces, and the over regulation of our economy, especially the energy sector.

Instead, the House Republicans, under the Speaker’s leadership, are actively tilting at each issue Obama selects. They just don’t understand this president is not about working problems or fixing issues for the good of the nation.  President Obama doesn’t care a smidgeon about solving problems, domestic or foreign.

He is focused on transforming America.  

All issues are used to destroy the opposition by making them appear to be on the wrong side of all issues. Obama is willing to change his position on any issue at any time, if the change will help him destroy the opposition and get on with the real stuff of destroying individual freedoms, institutions, constitutional limits, traditional foreign alliances, our capitalist economy, and military power. You see, to transform, you must first destroy. In President Obama’s playbook chaos is good. It makes change easier.

He doesn’t care if you sue him. The law is on his side. It is called Holder Law.

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I  just heard John Boehner, Speaker of the House, and President Obama comment on health care within the same hour. Not a pretty sight. Both need to do something else. We would all be better off. When queried about the Republican approach to health care, the Speaker referred to an obscure  (to most people) government website for the Republican approach to health care. He has been in government too long. What is wrong or hard about a clear statement of the Republican approach? I am a conservative voter and I could not tell anyone what the Republican position on health care is in any detail. The leadership of the Republican Party is sadly lacking in talking to the American people.

On the Progressive side, we have plenty of detail. Plus 10,000 pages and hundreds of executive regulations and changes to The Affordable Care Act. A fog of words, both written and spoken. Many spoken by a man who consistently lies to sell his radical change agenda. I don’t believe a word of what President Obama said in his press conference on November 14, 2013. His goal was clear, however, and that is to keep the Congress from passing any legislation on Obamacare by engaging in another unconditional executive decree. If Democrats and Republicans ever got together, they just might come up with  reasonable changes to health care that would benefit all Americans.

Since that probably won’t happen, as the Speaker seems to be comfortable with Obama doing his job, I’ll list the eight principles of health care that I think should guide fixing health care:

  • Help the people who do not have health care either because they can’t afford it or can’t qualify because of pre-existing conditions. After means testing, provide government subsidies to those who cannot purchase the coverage they need.
  • Do not include people who already have health care they have selected and like.
  • Allow insurance companies to sell their plans across state lines.
  • Pass tort reform legislation to limit the impact of  lawyer profits from questionable malpractice law suits.
  • Allow children to be covered on their parents’ health insurance plans until age 26.
  • Consider legislation to restore the doctor/patient relationship to control costs and improve patient control of their medical choices.
  • Allow policy holders to select what they want covered and the deductible they want.
  • People own their insurance coverage and it goes with them when changing employment or retiring.
  • Do not allow the executive departments of HHS and the IRS to be involved in the management of health care.

We have the best health care system in the world. Let’s fix only the things that are broken in a step-by-step approach.


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