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Nelson Mandela, July 4 1993.


While Nelson Mandela wasn’t his president, though the Advisor wished he was, he was deeply touched by the passing of one of his lifelong heroes.

The man was about simple things, he thought. He had strong beliefs and the strength to follow his dream. The Advisor felt he was within his rights to enter a tribute to President Mandela in his Journal. He would like to advise his President to copy Mandela’s play book. President Obama’s primary problems and troubles are nearly all the product of his actions and policies.

How about Nelson Mandela’s preparation to be the leader of all his people? Where did he get the insights to plan his ascent to the leadership of a racially divided nation? Maybe there was no plan. Maybe he just did what he thought was right. Maybe he didn’t have to always be right. Maybe he was strong enough to make mistakes and admit them. Not apologize. Just recognize the truth.

Maybe it was 27 years in jail  with very little contact with the outside world. Maybe it was the strength of his word and his own code of honor. When offered limited freedom to renounce the use of violence to free the oppressed majority of South Africans, he said, “NO” and stayed in jail for another ten years. How many of our current politicians have ever shown that kind of courage and belief that doing the right thing was worth the sacrifice? President Mandela’s legacy doesn’t have to be made up of half-truths, lies, rewrites, exaggerated successes, or be dependent on the works of sycophant historical writers. His legacy is open, transparent to all who care and will be a living legacy.

It’s too bad the people who traveled from faraway nations were mostly there for their  own images rather than to honor him. The real form of honor would be for them to put their narcissistic egos aside, stop pandering and lying to the people. Inspire their entire nations to achieve great things. Don’t divide the people for your own political agenda. Unite them. Listen to them. Enhance their value to each other. Drop the elitist approach of always knowing what the people need. Just listen, they will tell you. By doing those things you will truly honor a man greater than you will ever be.

With those thoughts, the Advisor penned his tribute into his Journal:

A tribute to Nelson Mandela. An incredible man and leader. There were very few Mandelas in the past and no current ones I can think of. In prison or as president of a very troubled country his sense of honor and the value of his word were always with him. I know of no incident in recorded history where the leader of a long oppressed majority gained power and included the minority oppressors as equal citizens in the progress of the nation. A true leader who was always in the front of the struggle for freedom for all his people.


By the author of the Brandon novels. I welcome comments and urge you to pass on this message to your contacts. The above is the result of my own analysis, experience, and beliefs.

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