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GOPIt looks as if the Republican Party will gain control of the Senate in November. I believe the Republicans will not be responsible for the win. President Obama is responsible for losing the Senate. If he had stayed away from his teleprompter and especially his microphone, some of the Democrats running in red or purple states may have won. Certainly the only winning platform the Republicans had was their anti-Obama ads. It is important to be clear about what you’re against, if you also make it very clear what you are for in the positive sense.

So what will the Republican Congress do in the first six months?

I don’t think the leadership knows. The House speaker and the minority leader have not put forth an alternative to President Obama’s policies and programs. They either lack the intelligence or the courage or both to offer alternatives to the American people. That has to change. Like most changes, this one will require a change in key people. I hope the newly elected House members and the new majority in the Senate recognize their leadership while being crafty in the ways of Congressional procedures, have not shown anymore leadership than the president. You cannot run this great nation by being the party of NO. 

Any political gains made this year will be lost in 2016 if the Republican leadership does not aggressively attack and solve the many issues the Democrats fumbled. Health care, tax reform, solvency of welfare programs, immigration, unemployment, national defense and myriad foreign policy issues. With Republicans, the issue is always the issue. No more whining about the president’s unwillingness to work in bi-partisan fashion or the use of his phone and pen unilaterally. You have the power. Use it. Stop worrying about getting re-elected or being out-messaged by the president. Just get the job done.

First send Mr. McConnell and Mr. Boehner back into the ranks. Then send bi-partisan bills to the president’s desk. When he vetoes, work to overturn the veto. He has less than 35 percent of the people with him. Show us Washington is not log-jammed now that the Republican congress is in town. Regain the respect of the people and foreign nations.

Written by the author of “Insights: Transforming America — Is This What We Fought For?” available now as an ebook, in paperback or hardcover on Amazon.com or BN.com. Follow the author on Twitter @factsfictions80. If you think this message is important, please share it.


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This is your government. You own them. You put them in power to take care of the people.

Are you better off economically? Do you even have a job? Are you feeling safer? Do you trust your government?

That last one is a critical question. If you don’t trust it how can you act on what you’re told? Trust has at last two critical elements:

  • Do you trust what they are doing?
  • Do you believe what they tell you?

Of course the second question is the key to the first. If you don’t trust the information the government gives you, how can you trust what they are doing?

We were just told that we are better off now then we were six years ago. Maybe so, considering the financial crises of 2008 and its immediate consequences when the housing bubble crashed. But we are certainly not better off than we were eight years ago. In fact, there were as many Americans with jobs in 1978 as there are today. In 1978 our population was around 222 million. In 2013 the population had grown to 317 million, not including uncounted illegal immigrants. That’s a difference of approximately 95 million more Americans today versus in 1978. The government unemployment numbers show none of those 95 million more Americans who want to work and do not have jobs. Granted, some unknown number work in the hidden cash or barter economy.

When the government, including President Obama, point with pride to the new jobs created, remember we just caught up to the job level of 1978. The government tells us the unemployment number is 5.1 percent. That ridiculous number does not include the number of people who have given-up looking for work and dropped out of the workforce. Only those who are drawing unemployment benefits are counted in the unemployment numbers. The real unemployment number is well above 11 percent. For blacks, women, young people just entering the work pool, and recent college graduates, the unemployment number is much higher.

Many of these new jobs are low-paying. Wage levels have not keep pace with inflation nor the Federal Reserve’s constant weakening the dollar by pumping $86 billion a month into the economy for years to keep inflation near zero. Americans on fixed incomes have seen their buying power eroded by ‘Qualitative Easing’ on the part of the Federal Reserve.

The result is that under Obama, the rich and upper middle class who had the resources to invest on Wall Street have done very well. With all of Obama’s preaching about re-distribution of income and decreasing the gap between the haves and have nots, the effect of his policies have increased the gap between the rich and poor.

Do not believe the Obama spin that is put on all information released by the government. His administration has lied about gun running by the Department of Justice; leaving people to die in Benghazi and lying about their complicity; has used the IRS to handicap Republican political organizations; has unlawfully tapped the phones of reporters; has claimed they weren’t adequately briefed about the strength of ISIS;  called it workplace violence when an Islamist murdered others; and guaranteed you could keep your doctor and health plan under Obamacare.

You should not be surprised if we don’t trust them. The Obama government is proving that liberty requires eternal vigilance.


Written by the author of “Insights: Transforming America — Is This What We Fought For?” available now as an ebook, in paperback or hardcover on Amazon.com or BN.com. Follow the author on Twitter @factsfictions80. If you think this message is important, please share it. 




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InsightsFor the next few blogs I’m going to publish excerpts from my book, ISBN 978-1-941069-09-7 “INSIGHTS: Transforming America — Is this what we fought for?” This book is now out in paperback and on Kindle or Nook. I’ve kept the price low because I want this message to get to as many people as possible. Please pass these blogs on to your friends and contacts. For those of you who have read my book, you needn’t read again the same words, but please pass them on. I’ll respond to as many comments and questions as I can. If you’ve had difficulty understanding this president, reading “INSIGHTS” will help you understand Obama and explain what is happening to your family and friends, conservatives or not.


Seizing power and re-distributing wealth is the holy grail of progressivism and its followers will champion whatever “issue” they need in order to destroy the opposition.

For the progressives in the end, even election fraud is a legitimate means as long as the goal is the transformation of the existing society. Lying to the people, using the civil service, especially the IRS and Justice Department, to work for progressive goals is the right and even the moral course of action.

If you don’t have a crisis to frighten the people into accepting a progressive transformation of their nation, a crisis must be created. People who are unemployed, failing to support their families, seeing their savings vanish, losing trust in the government, believing they must take part in class warfare, losing hope for the future of their children and nation, will, in their fear and desperation, be willing to accept the false solutions of the progressives.

What is the progressive plan? Let’s start with The Affordable Care Act or Obamacare. Here the plan is not to give the people better medical care. The real intent is to take control of seven percent of the American economy. Alinsky followers believe that if you control health care, you control the people. Insurance companies must become part of the government under control of the progressive elite.

People will lose their existing health care insurance and be forced to pay for “better” health care provided by Obamacare. The “better” health care insurance will be more expensive with much higher deductibles. The health care providers will not be able to cover the population with adequate insurance coverage. Millions will have no coverage. Others will be struggling to pay for health care. Out of the shambles of the Affordable Care Plan, America’s health care will be in chaos. The opposition, the Republican Party, has no answer or solution. This is perfect for the progressive leadership. Suddenly, the progressives put forward a single-payer plan or true socialized medicine as the only possible solution. With the choices seen as between chaos or a single-payer system where Obamacare covers everyone and higher taxes pay the bill, the people will vote for a single-payer system.

Written by the author of “Insights: Transforming America — Is This What We Fought For?” available now as an ebook, in paperback or hardcover on Amazon.com or BN.com. Follow the author on Twitter @factsfictions80. If you think this message is important, please share it.

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Is America in trouble? I think so.

How did it happen?

GOPWell, you cannot blame President Obama for everything that’s happened under his watch. The Republican Party insider group is also guilty. The House of Representatives has the total Constitutional power to appropriate money. Everything the progressives have done with Obama’s leadership had to be funded. The government runs on money, our money. The House is supposed to be the place funding requests begin.

Where has it been? Republicans did not provide a single vote to the passing of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Yet they funded every bit of its implementation. Obamacare couldn’t have survived just on the funds that were appropriated when it was passed. The government had to pay for all the overruns, including the rollout. Instead of providing good stewardship of our money, the Republican leadership whined and complained about President Obama’s executive orders and the greatly increased scope and power of the HHS, EPA, IRS, DOJ, and Labor Department but was afraid to use its appropriation to bring  Obama’s transforming of America to a near stop.

When they did try to bring Obama’s spending under control by refusing to raise the debt limit unless the president delayed a part of the ACA, the president refused to sign the appropriations legislation with the Republican amendment to raise the debt ceiling.  He then began shutting down the parts of the government that would dramatically affect citizens, parts that could have been easily funded. Congress offered to help with authorization by allowing the president to shift funds to where they were needed. He refused and cleverly and successfully passed the blame onto the Republicans for shutting down the government. Not only did the American people accept the blatant blame shift, so did the Republican leadership. Now the speaker of the House and the Senate minority leader are afraid to use their Constitutional powers to defund certain parts of federal spending. With an opposition as timid and as inept as the current Republican leadership, we cannot look to them to act as a check on the growth of the federal government and spending.

The Republican Party leadership in and out of government is afraid to rock the boat. None of them would have signed the Declaration of Independence.  (That is my yardstick for judging the courage of politicians.) In my state of South Carolina, several politicians and Republican leaders would have signed. Among them are Representative Joe Wilson, Senator DeMint, now the President of the Heritage Foundation, Governor Nikki Haley, Senator Tim Scott, and Representative Trey Gowdy. It is this kind of courage that is needed.

President Reagan believed that “Government isn’t the answer. Government is the problem.” Of all the threats we face today, big government is the biggest threat to our freedom and economic growth. The Republican insider group just doesn’t believe this. While the size of government has grown spectacularly under President Obama, conservatives must remember that the eight years of President Bush saw large increases in the size and scope of government.  Term limits would fix a lot of problems with the Congress.

Written by the author of “Insights: Transforming America — Is This What We Fought For?” available now as an ebook, in paperback or hardcover on Amazon.com or BN.com. Follow the author on Twitter @factsfictions80. If you think this message is important, please share it.


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Writers know they should write about what they know. In thinking how to write about the impact of President Obama’s transforming of America on senior citizens, I realized  this is right in my wheel-house because that includes me at age 83. So I started with my own reactions to transformation.

First of all, I must admit President Obama gave us full warning about his plans for change. I didn’t support him because of his lack of any kind of management or leadership experience and his very far left ideology. But I didn’t expect the media to be so incredibly locked in to his socialistic view of the world. Nor did I think the Republican leadership in Congress would be so timid.

After five-plus years of unconstitutional growth in the power of the executive branch at the expense of the legislative powers, the speaker brings a whining lawsuit against President Obama for taking his toys. Who does he think will enforce the courts ruling if he wins? Attorney General Eric Holder certainly won’t.  If  the speaker had any courage he would use his powers of the purse given to the House by the Constitution.

A few days ago I wrote about another disappointment. The civil service in many democracies is a check on an executive gone too far. I may have been too hard on the many loyal and capable civil servants but, as a senior citizen with years in the civil service, I am dismayed at the way the employees of the IRS, HSS, EPA, State, DHS, FBI, C!A, and the Joint Chiefs have fallen into lock step to support the president’s unlawful policies.  In a free society, government workers cannot enforce what they know is an unlawful course of action. I remember some trials after WWII in Nuremberg, Germany, that settled that issue.

Senior  citizens have seen how the massive printing of money (bonds) by the Federal Reserve called Qualitative Easing cheapens their dollars while their income has not kept up with real world inflation. Medicare will be destroyed by Obamacare, as will the best medical care in the world. Sure, far too many people had no insurance, but that could have been fixed without moving rapidly toward a single-payer system and socialized medicine. Social security, which most of us have grown to count on, is less sustainable now than it was five years ago. This program needs attention now.

The rule of law is all that stands between us and a chaotic system based on favoritism and punishment without due process. This administration, especially this attorney general, enforces the law selectively and only investigates when it is in the interests of his imperial president.  Many senior citizens have fought in wars, including the Cold War, and know the necessity of keeping a strong, well-equipped, and cared for military. We are nervous about the drastic reduction of our forces, the VA scandal, and the loss of respect for our views throughout the world. We have seen enemies who were impervious to diplomacy and endless talk with the threat of ineffective sanctions. We know America needs a leader whose word is respected throughout the world.

We are also concerned about the re-distribution of wealth, the growth of the government, the shift away from our close relationship with Israel, the so-called re-set with Russia, the debacle in Iraq, the rush to the good war in Afghanistan, the timid negotiations with Iran over the development of nuclear weapons, the anti U.S. development of domestic energy attitude, including the Keystone Pipeline.

Enough is enough.

Read my new book, “INSIGHTS – Transforming America. Is This What We Fought for?”


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