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Advisor's vault doorThe President had been chatting with the Advisor for a few minutes about nothing in particular. He appeared to be very relaxed and at ease. The final 18 months of a second term will do that to a president, the Advisor thought.

He seems to be interested in the activities and prospects of the candidates in the Republican and Democratic primaries. Why not focus on what he is interested in rather than trying my prepared questions?  

The President was topping off his coffee cup so the Advisor asked, “Mr. President, why do you think Hillary is losing ground to Senator Sanders?”

“Remember when I told you that I don’t follow the law, I use it? Well, to do that takes real political skill and a very thick political skin. I use the law, or my interpretation of the law, to move America to a more equitable political system, one to the left of the European models. I enjoy the good life but the people don’t see me trying to amass great wealth. In my opinion, the Clintons don’t have an image of a better America in their vision. Rather, they have a vision of more money and power for the themselves. Her problems with emails and the activities of their foundation have nothing to do with moving America to a better social and political system. Those problems were created by the need to hide irregularities of mixing a government position with the needs of a money-making foundation. They are far richer than I am and ever will be. It is hard to convince the people you are the champion of their well-being when your own capitalistic greed is there to see. Hillary kept secrets from me when she used her own email server instead of the required and mandated government system server. It’s probable that several of our national security secrets were exposed by being on an unprotected private server.”

“You believe her fading poll numbers are due solely to the way she failed to separate the nation’s needs from her own?”

“No, not solely. Senator Sanders is capitalizing on a little discussed but prominent feature of the democratic process. America started out as a republic. A system of government that used the political power of the states and the electoral college system of the election process to insulate the nation’s political process from the ‘one person, one vote’ premise that is necessarily a part of democratic ideology. Today we have moved away from the ways the American republic protected itself from exclusive control of the popular vote. As soon as the people realized they could vote themselves benefits, the door was open for politicians to begin promising them anything to win votes. Remember ‘hope and change?’ When America becomes a true democracy, where ‘one person, one vote’ is a reality, only the states with the most voters will control the nation. On the far left of  American political ideology, where I am now, there is strong support for moving away from the electoral college system and adopting a nationwide popular vote, for all national elections. States will only have control of election to state offices. Senator Sanders maybe the first national office holder who is appealing solely to the wants of the people, not what the nation needs.”

“What about your vice president moving into the race?”

“He can’t win without my support. Unless the FBI investigation leads to Hillary withdrawing, I can’t see anyone else who could win the presidency other than her.”

“Will the FBI investigation lead to her withdrawing?”

“My position is that is up to her and the FBI. I won’t help her. Once it seemed clear she had broken the law and probably exposed classified national security information to our enemies, the FBI had to investigate.” The President finished his last sip of coffee and set the cup down. “Why don’t we talk about the Republican candidates the next time I can get down here?”

“Fine, Mr. President, I would like that.”


This is an account written by a fictional advisor who doesn’t exist but should.

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