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Is there any doubt that a people’s revolt is pushing through the barricades of the entrenched bureaucracies, both in Europe and America? Bureaucracies of the elites are systemically taking away choices from the people.

In America, the elites in both political parties and the massive expansion of government started by the Obama progressive process of transformation are moving toward socialism. In Europe, the increasing centralization of economic and political power by the EU in Brussels was moving steadily toward globalism. The British people successfully revolted against the erosion of their sovereignty.

What is happening in America? Our dominate political parties have the same names, but they are unrecognizable using any yardstick from our history. The Democratic party has moved so far left under the leadership of President Obama and the Clintons that staunch party leaders from the past three or four decades would not recognize today’s Democratic party. The Republican party has been captured by an elite of theoretical conservatives who are not interested in governing, only in pursuing a shining goal of pure conservatism with the zeal of a medieval priesthood. Both party leaders natter on with religious zealousness while the people suffer. Neither elite is worthy of any of our loyalty.

Both of these ideological-driven elites have sponsored a corrupt primary election process to ensure they can select leaders who sound like them and worship at the same ideological altars. The Republican elites have rallied around defeating the candidate that overwhelmingly defeated all opponents. They would sooner give the leadership of the nation to the opposing party rather than support the candidate the people selected. This elite is blinded by their inability to recognize what the nation is calling for.

They whine about not going to the Republican Convention in Cleveland unless they can figure out some way to overthrow Donald Trump for a more controllable candidate who worships at the same altar with the same conservative chant. Some other ideological Republican elites swear they won’t support the candidate, or even vote for him. Instead they announce they are leaving the party. Good. No one needs or wants them. Including past presidents and national candidates. The nation needs to dump them. Their day is over.

We need leaders who put the nation and its people first. Leaders who can solve huge problems, not seek ideological purity.

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INSIGHTS 250 Bernie’s Version of Socialism


If you heard Bernie Sanders’s victory speech or manifesto after his victory in New Hampshire, you’ll know what he plans to do if he is elected. Give the gadfly Senator credit. He did win, he’s not hiding his agenda and he is honest, even when he extolls the promises of socialism. He really believes his rhetoric. Remember this is a guy who took his bride to the Soviet Union for a honeymoon when the gulags were over flowing and the socialist/communist government was showing its willingness to crush all dissent and spread their brand of totalitarian government throughout the world.

Senator Sanders’s message is appealing to those who don’t care to learn from history. Education, medical care, high wages, infrastructure jobs, much higher taxes on the rich, destroy Wall Street, tax, regulate and punish corporations, equality of wages, no foreign wars are the main categories of his message. And it is all for free. It is not your fault you are not rich. The corporations, big banks, Wall Street, drug companies, the rich and all Republicans are in a vast conspiracy to deny you your just share. Lenin promised ‘land, bread, peace’ to the Russian people near the end of WWI. What they got was far different. The buds of democracy where frozen, millions of dissenters or suspected dissenters were killed and or imprisoned. All the freedoms we enjoyed today were never delivered by those promising the values of socialism and big government.

Socialism under Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Castro, or the inmates running North Korea all promised the people great things while depriving them of everything. Socialism always results in loss of individual freedom, human rights and hope for a better future.  It rewards its followers with never ending repression and a bare subsistence economy. The only people who do well in a socialist economy are the small group of elites who always end up running the socialist/communist government.

Senator Sanders’s message is no different and the result will be the same.  Like the attractive, crowd pleasing, politicians before him the message is wonderful, the results will be awful. To decode his message, follow the money. Like all the other Socialists/Communists/Progressives he cannot tell you in any detail where the money is coming from. You won’t hear anything other than the money will come from taxing and regulating the rich and corporations. The message about creating jobs by a massive rebuilding and repair of our roads, bridges, airports and rails sounds promising, until you realize infrastructure jobs do not create wealth. The money must come from somewhere else. That somewhere else is you.

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Advisor's vault doorThe President was barely in his seat at the gleaming cherry-topped conference table in the Advisor’s office when he said, “My time is growing short. I need my successor, Democrat or Republican, to leave my accomplishments intact. The Democratic candidates are a sorry lot. Not one of them has the intelligence nor courage to carry on my drive toward socialism and internationalism. I’ve reconciled myself to get ready for a Republican president. Now that the FBI feels free to investigate Hillary and, if necessary, indict her for breaking classification laws and possibly perjury. Her numbers were growing worse every week. I was never excited about Bill Clinton being back in the White House so why not look good and let the justice system work? As I’ve said before, presidents never investigate themselves or key staff members if there is any chance of blowback. So we leaked that Hillary was informed that private email servers were illegal. Now it is likely her server was hacked and many of the secrets of my administration were supplied to the Russians and Chinese. She is on her own.

“Now for the opposition. Who would do me and my accomplishments the least harm? Care to guess?”

“It scares me a little but the truth is that our analysis of politics is similar. I believe your Republican candidate is Mr. Donald Trump.”

“Now I’m worried. Is it that obvious?”

“No. Without the benefit of these meetings, I wouldn’t be so sure. Of all the candidates, Trump is the only one who believes  big government is necessary to solve big problems.”

“Yes. But there are other things. I use issues to manipulate the power structure to clear the path to socialism, Mr. Trump uses problems. He selects popular problems and then uses his considerable management skills to solve the problem and make himself look good. He has no ideology. He is the world’s best pragmatist. He would manage a socialist nation the same as he would a free-market capitalistic country. What’s important to him is the deal-making process. He has made billions of dollars being very good at making deals.

“As president, he will not cut any budget he believes is necessary to get his programs approved and implemented. His health care program will look a lot like mine, only he will get to the ‘single payer’ solution far faster than I thought was possible. Socialist medicine or not, he doesn’t care as long as the problem gets solved. He does feel strongly about finding and implementing solutions to problems no one else could solve. Well over half of the population will pay no taxes. Excellent. His plan will make even more people dependent on the government. Job growth he will do. He understands how to encourage growth. I’m fine with that for his job growth program will be managed by the government. Big government socialists or capitalists can and probably will end up in the same place with a managed economy.

“People won’t even realize America has become a very effective socialist country with more wealth to be shared. He will enjoy making deals with other national leaders.  I wouldn’t be surprised that he makes a better deal with the Iranians then my team did. But it will still be a deal where both sides get what they want. He will make a deal with the Russians without getting involved in a hot or cold war. In the end the Russians will still be a major power in the Middle East and remain in control of Crimea and pieces of Ukraine. But there will be provisions in the deals that preserve the rights and positions of both sides.”

The Advisor thought over his words. “So the ‘cult of the personality’ leads to the same place as long as big government is in control and the mastermind in control can have several different motives or catalysts?”

“Yes. But few leaders have ever had the purity of my vision. You see I really do believe this country has caused much harm in the world.  Its power must be diminished and when the economic and military power is gone the arrogance and cruel selfishness of the America people will also no longer rule over less fortunate people. America’s wealth must be shared. No Republican candidate has ever shared that view. All their speeches and ads keep repeating they need to make America strong again. With a little luck and dedicated behind the scenes work by my progressives, no matter who wins the White House, America will never be strong enough again to impose its will and culture on other people. If you have further questions I’ll come back. I get a perverse pleasure from watching the emotions play across your face.”

“Yes, Mr. President, I have some more questions. Please return.”


This is an account written by a fictional advisor who doesn’t exist but should.

Check out the latest Jack Brandon mystery suspense novel at your local bookstore. Follow the author on Twitter @factsfictions80.

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Advisor's vault doorThe Advisor was lost in thought, in between talks from his only visitor, the President.

The President has been so candid recently. I have to get ready to ask him some more challenging questions. I think he enjoys the challenge. He’s got to be immersed in the current economic crisis so I’ll start getting my background material ready. Many Americans do not see the economy, the process of making and selling things, as being different from the stock market. But they are two very different areas. While one affects the other to some degree, it is very difficult for experts to agree on the exact cause and effect of changes in the stock market. Economists talk knowingly about the state of the economy and what is needed to improve its performance. But in reality they should be called political economists because their analysis depends on whether they are supply-side economists or Keynesian economists. 

The President’s progressive wing of the Democratic Party is nearly exclusively Keynesian. Those people believe the level and management of government spending is the key to growing the economy. The opposing side of free market/supply side economists believe growth can only come through the capitalist process of making and selling products outside the governing process. The fewer the regulations and the lower the taxes, the more the economy is free to grow. In their minds, a growth rate of between 4 percent and 8 percent is ideal with a tax rate on corporations around 15 percent.

The Keynesian monetary policies have never worked anywhere, though they were tried extensively during the Roosevelt era. Since government spending on sectors such as infrastructure can only be financed from taxes from people and corporations, Keynesian management of the economy inhibits the growth that is necessary to finance needed infrastructure, human services, and the military. Most everyone is in favor of these items but only the progressives with their Keynesian finance managers believe spending on social welfare and infrastructure stimulate the economy to grow. The first place they look for money for social services and infrastructure is the military budget. Few progressives believe in maintaining a strong military. I must remember to ask the President about his views on Keynesian economics.

Regardless of the financial philosophy, effectiveness of the process must be based on a real reporting and understanding of the facts. When the administration and talking heads go on about the well-being of the economy, they are mostly talking about the stock market that has done very well. Indeed it should with the Federal Reserve printing $86,000,000,000 per month for a program called Qualitative Easing. This level of printing money went on for many months. If you could afford to invest, you did well. The President’s program, instead of distributing wealth to narrow the gap in income between economic classes, actually widened the gap. Turning from the stock market to the business of making and selling things, the real economy, you see a much different picture. Real unemployment is closer to 12 percent than the 5 percent the progressives claim. Employment participation rates are lower than at any time since the 1970s. There are more people on food stamps and welfare now than ever before and that is not just due to the growth in population. Health care costs are growing. Wages are stagnant. Graduating college students cannot find jobs. Student debt is way up. People have given up looking for non-existent jobs. The economy is way below the growth rate needed to sustain services and our national debt. The only measureable that is up is the number of people on welfare. I wonder what the President will say about his commitment to the redistribution of wealth.

The last area to ask him about will be the energy sector. I wonder what he’ll say about the Saudi’s program of pumping oil at a level that is continuing to increase the glut of crude on the market today. Doesn’t he realize the Saudis dumping oil on the energy market is motivated by their need to remain the predominated supplier of the worlds oil and to weaken Iran, Iraq, ISIS, Russia, and the United States? Their strategy is working. Many oil drillers in the United States are gone. They and others like them around the world cannot profitably sell oil much below $60 or $70. Unless the Saudis change their strategy, the current glut of oil may be with us for a few more years.

The Advisor stopped his pacing and his thought process.

I think that is enough for more than one session with the President, he thought, feeling more prepared.


This is an account written by a fictional advisor who doesn’t exist but should.

Check out the latest Jack Brandon mystery suspense novel at your local bookstore. Follow the author on Twitter @factsfictions80.

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Advisor's vault doorThe president hadn’t been back down to see the Advisor for several days. The Advisor spent his time going back over the last several meetings. The president’s motivation was becoming clearer. The Advisor felt he was now able to understand the president’s actions. Once you broke the code his actions were understandable, but many would always believe he was a failed president who was just inept with a strange view of the world. The Advisor decided to record his thoughts in his journal.

The president has only one goal and that is to transform America into a socialist nation to the left of the European model of socialism. He doesn’t care about solving problems that do not contribute to his transformation process. For example, he has long known the Affordable Care Act could not provide medical care to the nation’s population. But it does bring nearly 8 percent of the economy under government management. Under his health care program, the medical treatment of citizens, especially the aged, would be become so costly with growing chaos that the people would clamor for the single payer system of true socialized medicine.  A giant step toward complete socialization.

Under the Dodd/Frank financial legislation, the nation’s financial system is steadily coming more under the control of the federal government. Small businesses are the backbone of the American economy. Dodd/Frank regulations and the Keynesian economic policies of the Federal Reserve  are forcing the closure of small local banks that provided credit to small businesses and new startups. Without access to local credit, many small businesses are downsizing or going out of business. Bringing all commerce under control of the federal government is a necessary step toward national socialism.

Large corporations are not immune from the impact of endless regulations flowing from the federal government. The coal industry is vanishing under this onslaught. Costs and regulations are preventing the building of new power plants and refineries. Exploration for new drilling sites is now limited to privately held or state-owned land. Even those areas are the target of increasing regulations. The tax structure with the highest corporate tax rate in the developed  world is weakening the competitiveness of American businesses. You don’t need a revolution to convert a capitalist, free market economy into a socialist economy. The impact of high taxes, regulations that set standards for industry that cannot be met or are so costly they will destroy capitalism are enough.  A few more years of progressive rule and the federal government will control whatever industries they chose.

Socialism cannot be forced upon a nation with a military force that is not totally controlled by a progressive/socialist elite and where the population is armed. Therefore, the government must use whatever methods necessary to take weapons away from the citizens. The military can be lured into socialism by cutting funds, discouraging the development of new weapons, reducing the size of the armed forces, and throwing thousands of young men and women out into an economy with no jobs. What will these disillusioned and angry young people do? Probably blame the wrong causes.

The last piece the president needs to transform America is to weaken the opposition. He has surely done that. Even though the people have spoken and rejected progressive control of the Congress and given the Republicans control of both Houses, the same hapless ineffective leaders are still in power. They don’t even know what is going on and are acting as if the president’s transformation of America is something they can handle over time by routine congressional procedures. By the time they wake up, it will be too late.

Example: The Iran deal. This is a treaty by any definition, yet the Senate let the president take this action under his executive powers. If this were a treaty, it would need 60 votes in the Senate to approve it.

Who can put a halt to transformation? The Supreme Court and the civil service are already won over to the progressive side. Only a new conservative strong leader can begin to turn this errant ship around. Time is running out.


This is a  account written by a fictional advisor who doesn’t exist but should.

Check out the latest Jack Brandon mystery suspense novels at your local bookstore. Follow the author on Twitter @factsfictions80.

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