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The Professor and Political Realities

conference-1330110_1280“Before I give you a short lecture on what I call ‘political realities,’ here is your assignment for our next class. Now that you are divided into two groups, each supporting either the conservative side or liberal side, each group must prepare a ten-minute speech and a TV ad. The group’s representative will deliver the speech. Visual aids are allowed, but it is the effectiveness of the message that counts.

“We have political parties because people want, or believe they want, something different from what they have now, while others want to defend and develop the existing way of governing. When you view politics for this perspective, you can identify basic issues and beliefs. I haven’t found many people to agree with my analysis, but I believe it to be accurate. You, of course, may disagree, but you must be able to defend your group’s position.

“I believe the drive toward centralization of nearly everything is rooted in the DNA of civilization. The motive of this need to seek centralization would probably be a good thing, if the process had some limit. But it does not. It continues until centralization reaches the breaking point where constant centralization creates an unmanageable entity. The need to have or, at least, to believe the process has created a controllable management structure where a small group of elites can create a better life for all by reaching the point where management is responsible to the will of the people sounds like a very desirable outcome.

“Unfortunately, it is not. The Department of Homeland Security is a good example. After the terrorist attack on 9/11, in a laudable intent to secure future safety by improving management accountability and effectiveness, several organizations that were already too big for effective management were combined. However, I think only the priests of centralization believe the head of DHS can or is improving security. The more likely result is that most of his time and energy are expended in trying to find out what is going on in his empire and how to satisfy the requirements of the president and Congress. Nevertheless, now that one person is in charge, the pushers of centralization believe improvements in security will routinely occur even with the almost weekly examples of bumbling by the managers of airport security. From the time of unwritten history, the Roman Empire’s rise and fall, to the present day, the process of centralization continues, modified only by the undeniable failure of a society, civilization, or a national government. This process can be found behind the constant failure of socialist nations.

“Behind the scenes battle the ‘founders and the guardians.’ This theme is easier to explain because it can be observed in both the public and private sector. The keywords are founders and guardians. Organizations in the beginning of their histories can point to the people who were the founders. With maturation, nearly all organizations slowly, but inexorably, move into the control of the guardians. These well-meaning, good people use the power of process to protect and perpetuate the organization they inherited. Process expertise does not involve the understanding or the furtherance of the founder’s mission, it is solely concerned with the way the mission is accomplished. You have all seen them. They are the enablers of the units who focus on personnel management, accounting, logistics, communications, and finance. Good people all and their skills are needed and respected.

But they should not supplant the line mission leaders. The downside is the effect of their process requirements on the effectiveness and direction of the line mission of the unit. Seldom can a person with process skills actually lead people engaged in the primary mission of the organization they serve. Yet this process affects all organizations, private and public.

My third theme is the most important. The Constitution, the Bill of Rights, our founders, the separations of powers, and the blood and sweat of our ancestors all combine to make America a very special place. All of these elements rest on the ‘rule of law.’ When an administration like President Obama’s disregards the rule of law, they are trashing the very core of America’s existence.

The rule of law doesn’t provide total equality for all people. Slogans spouting sound bytes such as “a fair shot for everyone,” “equal opportunity for all,” and “everyone deserves a fair share” are the false promises that permeate socialist speeches. The rule of law does, however, provide equal protection under the law from the arbitrary excesses of government and the protection of life and property by the government. This protection must be provided equally to all citizens, all the time, regardless of wealth, economic stature, race, religion, or political position. Justice must be blind in its application to all. When it is not, our society will begin to unravel, for the rule of law is what holds our nation together. It is what finally triumphed over evils like slavery, racial and religious discrimination, and inequality of opportunity to be all you can be. This is unique to America. It did not arrive here with our waves of immigrants. Instead, it is what brought them to take the risks of moving to a new land.

“Ponder these three themes. Use them or develop your own. But you must be able to identify what is behind the sound bytes of our political parties. Class is over. See you all next week.”

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Saying stupid things does not make you a racist. The way you live your life makes it clear if you are a racist or not. Although the Speaker of the House used the word in a reference to Mr. Trump’s stupid comments about an American judge with a Mexican heritage. Stupid undisciplined comments do not make you a racist, no matter how hard the left-wing media tries.

They do show, however, that Mr. Trump doesn’t seem to realize he is now the prime actor on the big stage. No one wants to hear about Trump University or how some judge is treating Mr. Trump unfairly. The subject is trivial and the unfair comments sound like whining. When he focuses on the trivia of his personal life, he is neglecting the millions of people who support him. They want to hear him talk about fixing America. Not about the tale of Trump University. Leave that to his lawyers and his very competent family. Let’s hope we never hear him talk about Trump University again. Win, lose or draw. We just don’t care.

Get on message about “Making America Great Again.” Mr. Trump has some great people around him. He needs to listen to them. He needs them. He has huge gaps in what we expect a presidential candidate to know and understand. The Nation needs his leadership now. The Progressive/Socialist campaign of President Obama has done extensive damage to our economy, national security, medical care and our traditional world leadership role. Our candidate for President needs to focus on the big picture and get on with saving America.


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INSIGHTS 256 The Real Choice

676_3743183Do you believe the FBI has the political courage to recommend Hillary Clinton be brought up on criminal charges for her exposure of classified information and the use of her political office for financial gain via the Clinton Foundation? Remember such a charge would seriously harm the Democratic Party’s pursuit of the Presidency. Bringing charges against Hillary when it is only months away from the election would probably make it impossible for the Democratic Party to mount an effective campaign. Each passing day is critical to their campaign. I think the FBI may have the courage to recommend a Grand Jury but the Justice Department will not act to pursue the FBI’s recommendation. They will find someway to bury or nullify the charges. Remember the Justice Department is the Presidents. Attorney Generals do not indict Presidents or their primary advisors. Did President Nixon’s Justice Department seriously investigate the Watergate affair? No, it was the media and the Congress.

So who would head up the Democratic Party’s campaign for the Presidency if Hillary has to drop out, Bernie Sanders? That would be great. A real choice between Socialism and Capitalism. Trump against Sanders. America needs to have this political battle. The creeping socialism of the last few decades is more dangerous than giving people the clear choice between Capitalism and Socialism. Our entire educational system leans hard to the side of Socialism. Just ask the Teachers Union a series of questions about their treatment of free enterprise and big government in the class room. Almost everyone under 30 years of age believes in the beautiful words socialists use to describe redistribution of wealth, a fair shot for everyone, and very high taxes on the wealthy and corporations. They haven’t lived long enough or read enough history to see that the promises of Socialism lead to the ugly repression of elite government where all of life’s important choices are made for all people, except the elites. They may love Bernie but they won’t like where he is leading them. But Trump also has a problem.

While Hillary is threatened by a criminal indictment, Donald Trump is being attacked by people who should be supporting him. The Republican establishment composed of career politicians and self-appointed keepers of the purity of conservatism has failed to keep faith with the people who sent them to Washington. They are far more interested in perpetuating their own positions than in solving the nation’s problems. Just look at how they have taken care of themselves. Incredible life-long pensions for very short periods of service, ability to vote themselves raises, exemption from the onerous provisions of the laws they pass but that don’t apply to members of Congress. Now these pampered members of the political class are doing all they can to end Donald Trump’s journey to winning the Republican Party’s nomination. They are frightened because they know his success will endanger their elite existence. They will not be able to control him and he owes nothing to the lobbyists who fund so many members of the Republican and Democratic career politicians. So far he has been doing a very strange thing. He has been listening to the American People and they have not. Only a very small handful of Senators or Representatives have been doing the work of the people. None of them are in positions of power, including the Speaker and the Senate Majority leader. They claim to be dedicated to the traditional principles of the conservative movement. Maybe, but I don’t believe it. They are champions of the go alone, get along group that have aided President Obama’s socialist transformation of America policies. Just look at the last budget Speaker Ryan put forward. Exciting times! Stay tuned. Stay informed.

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INSIGHTS 250 Bernie’s Version of Socialism


If you heard Bernie Sanders’s victory speech or manifesto after his victory in New Hampshire, you’ll know what he plans to do if he is elected. Give the gadfly Senator credit. He did win, he’s not hiding his agenda and he is honest, even when he extolls the promises of socialism. He really believes his rhetoric. Remember this is a guy who took his bride to the Soviet Union for a honeymoon when the gulags were over flowing and the socialist/communist government was showing its willingness to crush all dissent and spread their brand of totalitarian government throughout the world.

Senator Sanders’s message is appealing to those who don’t care to learn from history. Education, medical care, high wages, infrastructure jobs, much higher taxes on the rich, destroy Wall Street, tax, regulate and punish corporations, equality of wages, no foreign wars are the main categories of his message. And it is all for free. It is not your fault you are not rich. The corporations, big banks, Wall Street, drug companies, the rich and all Republicans are in a vast conspiracy to deny you your just share. Lenin promised ‘land, bread, peace’ to the Russian people near the end of WWI. What they got was far different. The buds of democracy where frozen, millions of dissenters or suspected dissenters were killed and or imprisoned. All the freedoms we enjoyed today were never delivered by those promising the values of socialism and big government.

Socialism under Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Castro, or the inmates running North Korea all promised the people great things while depriving them of everything. Socialism always results in loss of individual freedom, human rights and hope for a better future.  It rewards its followers with never ending repression and a bare subsistence economy. The only people who do well in a socialist economy are the small group of elites who always end up running the socialist/communist government.

Senator Sanders’s message is no different and the result will be the same.  Like the attractive, crowd pleasing, politicians before him the message is wonderful, the results will be awful. To decode his message, follow the money. Like all the other Socialists/Communists/Progressives he cannot tell you in any detail where the money is coming from. You won’t hear anything other than the money will come from taxing and regulating the rich and corporations. The message about creating jobs by a massive rebuilding and repair of our roads, bridges, airports and rails sounds promising, until you realize infrastructure jobs do not create wealth. The money must come from somewhere else. That somewhere else is you.

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InsightsThe 2016 election is critical. The two paths are very divergent. There are clear choices. No one should be confused. It is not surprising Bernie Sanders is so popular among our young citizens. He is offering hope for a better life and a change for the better in the way America works. His pitch sounds sincere because it is. Senator Sanders believes it himself. That in itself is remarkable. There are very few over the age of 50, who are not part of the governing elite, that will follow the charming tunes of Socialism.

By the age of 50 most of us have seen and even experienced the ability of Socialism to deliver its promised land of equality and opportunity. The lessons of history are not relevant to the young. They certainly weren’t to me when I was in my early twenties and believed government was the answer to all our problems. Our evil was Communism. We all knew that was an ugly harsh type of government. It wasn’t until later that most of my generation learned that Socialism is a necessary step in the road to Communism. Social revolutions invariable end up in one-party rule by an intellectual elite that controls all aspects of the economy and dictates life’s choices. Individual freedom of choice is gone and Socialism/Communism with big government dictate all of life’s choices.

Perhaps the clearest and closest example is Cuba. Fifty plus years after the revolution, the government controls everything. Dissent is not allowed and is severely punished. Cuba is not an isolated example. Russia, China, Germany, North Korea and Eastern Europe followed the same path, sometimes imposed by an outside power. You may say Germany did not have a Communist government under Hitler. The Nazi Party’s name was the ‘National Socialist Party’ and there is very little difference to the people between Fascism and Communism. In both cases big government owns and controls everything and there is no democratic way to vote the ruling elite out of power.

No matter how good the words sound, Socialism cannot exist without one-party rule. The so-called half socialist nations of Europe are still on their journey to a one-party system. Another generation and they will have big government control unless they find the will and courage to make the change.

Unless by some miracle the traditional left-of-center Democratic Party regains control from the Progressives, the choice in November of 2016 will be between Socialism and some form of Capitalism. If the choice is a candidate of the current Democratic/Progressive Party, the road back will be closed. The current difference is that Bernie Sanders preaches what he believes and Hillary Clinton says whatever helps her to get elected. The truth is not relevant according to her ideological mentor, Saul Alinsky, the author of Rules for Radicals.

My books, “INSIGHTS: Transforming America — Is this what we fought for?” and INSIGHTS Stepping Stones to Tyranny, are available from your local book store and on Kindle or Nook. I’ve kept the price low because I want this message to get to as many people as possible. Please pass this essay on to your friends and contacts. These two books will help you understand Obama and explain what is happening to your nation, family and friends. I’ll respond to as many comments and questions as I can.9781941069226-stones cover copy

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