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What? Where? Why? How? If we answer those classic questions, we should have a better understanding of the Tea Party.  Almost all of the national media coverage of the Tea Party has been by those who are very negative about this upstart group. “It’s a redneck, racist, and radical extremist group that will destroy the Republican Party.” Both the Progressives and the long-term Republican politicians and theoretical pundits heap abuse on the Tea Party. With good cause because neither of these vocal opposition groups hold the core values of the Tea Party groups and I doubt any of them have ever been to a Tea Party meeting.

I have been to Tea Party meetings and have never seen signs nor heard speakers using racial innuendos. I live in a predominately white part of the South Carolina coast. Our area sent a Tea Party backed representative to the House and later to the Senate. I first heard this black candidate speak at a Tea Party rally in Georgetown, SC. The “radical” core values of Tea Party groups are smaller government, less interference by government in the lives and businesses of citizens, adherence to the Constitution, and restrained government spending. That’s radical? I think not.

The Tea Party Movement is a grass-roots American approach to “enough is enough.” They are astounded at the response of the elected Republican leaders to the excesses of the Obama Administration. How can the leaders of the Republican Party in the House, especially, and in the Senate sit quietly while President Obama trashes the Constitution and the historical checks and balances of the three branches of government? President Obama acts as if he makes, amends, and enforces the law. He even has a Supreme Court Chief Justice who rewrites legislation to enable the Court to proclaim Obamacare is a tax and, therefore, is judged to be Constitutional. Talk about an activist court! There are no checks and balances as long as timid go-along-to-get-along men and women hold Republican seats. Is it time for new leaders. Yes!

I believe only the Tea Party can bring the grass-roots folk of America to return their country to its historical Constitutional foundation. America has had enough of the radical change of Obama. We have seen it and its ugly. Nowhere in the world has the change Obama wants brought anything but tyranny, poverty, and hopelessness. Just look at where the Progressives (Socialists) won power. Which model do you prefer? The Soviet, Chinese, Iranian, Cuban, North Korean, Venezuelan, East Germany, Eastern European in Communist time, or one of the several failed utopian settlements in America?  I am constantly amazed at how many educated Americans are willing to happily march like lemmings off the cliff into a Socialist sea. Where have they been? Can they possible believe the patter of their leader? Don’t they understand what’s behind the lies and socialist rhetoric?


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Saul Alinsky

Saul Alinsky (Photo credit: Fresh Conservative) Former community organizer in Chicago.

Washington Monument and Flag

Washington Monument and Flag (Photo credit: Mr. T in DC)


I am not now and never have been a conspiracy theorist. But, neither have I been reticent about going where observation, experience, and study lead me.  The issue is never the issue sounds like the mantra of a mystical guru crouched over a small flame in a mountain top cave. It is not. It is the political guidance of a revolutionary American political theorist who died in 1972. His name is Saul Alinsky, whose writing seems to have had a profound influence on President Obama, former Secretary of State Hilary Clinton, and the entire Progressive movement.

Alinsky believed the only issue is the striving for power. Power to destroy the existing political system and to create another, more equitable society from the ashes. Issues like tax policy, deficit reduction, gun control, expanding government, medical and foreign policy, military strategy, terrorism, job creation, and immigration don’t matter.  They are only useful as opportunistic means to attack everything that is an obstacle to seizing power. Seizing  power through revolution  is the only end. All means to achieve this end must be used. Ethics, morality, or laws are not considerations. Those Democrats and liberals, who are too squeamish to do what it takes to seize power, will be dumped in the dust bin of history when the Progressives tire of them.  There is nothing wrong with flip flopping. Use whatever side of any issue to further your progress toward seizing power. Change your mind any time, if being on the other side is more useful. (Read  Alinsky’s book, Rules for Radicals, and David Horowitz‘s, Barack Obama’s Rules for Revolution. Those two sources will clarify the president’s actions since he was first elected.)

Alinsky has taken the writings of other better known radical revolutionaries such as, Marx, Lenin, Hitler, Mao se Tung, and Castro and molded them into a clear modern guide-book for revolutionaries.  To judge this administration by its progress on economic and political issues confronting the nation is a meaningless measure. But, if the end game is the destruction or transformation of our society, then the administration is being more successful. For the transformation of America to become fact, all opposition must be obliterated. The Republican Party is in the way and must be destroyed.

Other obstacles to the transformation of America are the  Constitution and the doctrine of the separation of powers, our two-party system with two centuries of traditions and rules, the judicial system, the U.S. military with its record of protecting America from foreign and domestic enemies, and an armed civilian population. It is historically relevant that none of Alinsky’s heroes, whether Fascist, Socialist, or Communist rose to power when there was an armed civilian population present. Those same heroes are responsible for killing hundreds of millions of citizens to transform their societies. This could happen in America if we fail to understand what is happening. It is harder to keep freedom than to win it.

My next blog will cover the war between the haves and the have-nots which is the war to transform or destroy the existing American political structure.

By the author of the Jack Brandon thriller series.        www.factsandfictions.com


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