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What? Where? Why? How? If we answer those classic questions, we should have a better understanding of the Tea Party.  Almost all of the national media coverage of the Tea Party has been by those who are very negative about this upstart group. “It’s a redneck, racist, and radical extremist group that will destroy the Republican Party.” Both the Progressives and the long-term Republican politicians and theoretical pundits heap abuse on the Tea Party. With good cause because neither of these vocal opposition groups hold the core values of the Tea Party groups and I doubt any of them have ever been to a Tea Party meeting.

I have been to Tea Party meetings and have never seen signs nor heard speakers using racial innuendos. I live in a predominately white part of the South Carolina coast. Our area sent a Tea Party backed representative to the House and later to the Senate. I first heard this black candidate speak at a Tea Party rally in Georgetown, SC. The “radical” core values of Tea Party groups are smaller government, less interference by government in the lives and businesses of citizens, adherence to the Constitution, and restrained government spending. That’s radical? I think not.

The Tea Party Movement is a grass-roots American approach to “enough is enough.” They are astounded at the response of the elected Republican leaders to the excesses of the Obama Administration. How can the leaders of the Republican Party in the House, especially, and in the Senate sit quietly while President Obama trashes the Constitution and the historical checks and balances of the three branches of government? President Obama acts as if he makes, amends, and enforces the law. He even has a Supreme Court Chief Justice who rewrites legislation to enable the Court to proclaim Obamacare is a tax and, therefore, is judged to be Constitutional. Talk about an activist court! There are no checks and balances as long as timid go-along-to-get-along men and women hold Republican seats. Is it time for new leaders. Yes!

I believe only the Tea Party can bring the grass-roots folk of America to return their country to its historical Constitutional foundation. America has had enough of the radical change of Obama. We have seen it and its ugly. Nowhere in the world has the change Obama wants brought anything but tyranny, poverty, and hopelessness. Just look at where the Progressives (Socialists) won power. Which model do you prefer? The Soviet, Chinese, Iranian, Cuban, North Korean, Venezuelan, East Germany, Eastern European in Communist time, or one of the several failed utopian settlements in America?  I am constantly amazed at how many educated Americans are willing to happily march like lemmings off the cliff into a Socialist sea. Where have they been? Can they possible believe the patter of their leader? Don’t they understand what’s behind the lies and socialist rhetoric?


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English: The western front of the United States Capitol.  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



I’ve been asked to write a blog recommending action to stop the Progressive program of the Obama Administration from further eroding our freedoms. We are closer to a one-party political system than most Americans realize. Obama is using the weight and power of the Federal Government to destroy his opposition — meaning anyone who disagrees with him. The main opposition, the Republican Party, is presently ill-equipped to stop the President’s progressive program. The Republican leadership is entrenched in practicing politics as usual. Most of them have been in office too long. The Republicans need new blood to think outside of the box.

We must push hard to support Libertarians, Tea Party candidates, and others who campaign on the promise to reduce the size of government and to defend the Constitution. Support from the former followers of Obama are welcome. We are all Americans and it is in the strength of our faith and belief in the sacrifices of those who went before us that we will find the will and the power to make the sacrifices necessary to turn back the onslaught of elitist progressive ideology that today threatens the very life of our nation.

Step 1: Support Libertarians, Tea Party candidates, and others who think like we do. Give generously of your time and money to these candidates. Write to them. Tell them you are supporting them because you believe in limited government and the Constitution. Tell your friends about your beliefs and seek support for your candidates. Be willing to put a sign in your yard and a bumper sticker on your car. Become a candidate yourself or at least a party worker.

Step 2: You cannot advise your friends and support the “right” candidate if you don’t educate yourself. Watch a couple of different news channels, read the local and national papers. Go online to investigate issues. Hold discussions in your home with like-minded friends and associates.

Step 3: Treat those who have different beliefs with respect. They, too, are Americans who may have made more sacrifices than you have.

Step 4: Separate the facts from political hype and debate the facts, not your opponents’ opinions or beliefs.

Step 5: Strive to find common ground with your fellow citizens. Even a small one is starting point. Example don’t argue over Obamacare. Instead agree that our health care system needs improvement. But there is a better response to fixing the current system than Obamacare. Talk about what needs improvement from your perspective.

Step 6: Most importantly of all, don’t sit around and whine. Get involved. Whiners were not at Bunker Hill, the Alamo, Gettysburg, the Yalu River, Guadalcanal, Omaha Beach and the Battle of the Bulge, the I Drang Valley, Khandar, Ramadi and scores of other places, and certainly not in your house. Keep the House and take the Senate in 2014. Support the Congress in all the scandal investigations. 

Step 7:  Never give up.

By the author of the Jack Brandon thriller series.            www.factsandfictions.com

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