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INSIGHTS 268: The Day The FBI Blinked

Sub Rosa Front CoverMark your political calendar. Today the Director of the FBI drove a spike through the heart of our living “Rule of Law.” It has been written by a wise man from our distant past that great civilizations and empires are ended, not from an outside force, but from political suicide. Under President Obama,it seems, the entire federal government has become corrupt. The IRS, CIA, State, Defense, Attorney General, DHS, HHS, EPA, leaders of both political parties and of Congress have bent to serve a wimpy but focused Executive branch that seems dedicated to destroying (transforming) our proud powerful nation. Transparency has been discarded for cover ups and spinning. From labor figures, to battlefield progress, to economic growth, no government figures can be trusted.

All that pales when placed alongside the FBI announcement that their Director cannot recommend charges be brought against Hillary Clinton by the Justice Department. Note the announcement came just days after a secret meeting between former President Clinton and the Attorney-General, even though he was a probable witness in a real or imagined investigation into the Clinton Foundation, and the very day that President Obama was joining Hillary on a campaign swing in North Carolina.

America is founded on the premise that the law must treat all citizens fairly and equally.  Not that there haven’t been examples of privileged citizens receiving special treatment, but nothing as blatant as the optics of the Clinton FBI scam. Probably the FBI ranks up there with the Supreme Court when it comes to the people’s trust. Don’t see how that trust can remain with the tortured statement delivered by the FBI Director. He had his chance to support “The Rule of Law” and opted, it seems, for political expediency. Whatever else he and his Agency do from now, this day will be marked as the day the nation’s chief law enforcer blinked, putting our freedom in greater danger.


My latest novel, The Sub Rosa Manuscript by Barry Kelly gives, I believe, a clear understandable account of the steady erosion of the personal and economic freedom we inherited from the sacrifices of those who went before us. It is now our turn to protect our inheritance by rejecting the empty promises of progressivism.

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INSIGHTS 266 A Setback For Global Socialism


The British people who brought us democracy and enriched all our lives, have stepped into the breach again and said, “ENOUGH.” The Socialist bureaucracy of the European Union was dealt a severe setback. An organization that was created to prevent any more wars between France and Germany by making all of Europe a free market zone, met its objectives.

But the European socialist ideology forced the issue by adding political regulation to the European free trade zone. No surprise, that is what socialist/progressive followers do. The socialist adherence to rule by an enlightened progressive elite instead of the people, was moving toward a Global political Europe run by a bureaucratic elite in Brussels. Free movement of any person in the EU across national borders without border checks or visas was a Sub Rosa Front Coverlong-standing tenet of the EU.

Adding a surge of Muslim immigrants from Middle Eastern countries where radical Islam created hundreds of thousands of refugees provided the catalyst for national unrest in several EU nations. The history of Islamic migration to Europe showed these immigrants brought their culture, law, religion and language with them. Assimilation into the social fabric of the nations that accepted them did not happen.

If the British people hadn’t shown the wisdom and courage to stand against global socialism, there may not have been another chance for free people everywhere to resist the rising tide of rule by bureaucrats appointed by progressive governments. Take a hard look at how far Obama’s progressive transformation has empowered rule by appointed bureaucrats in America. Globalization and centralism are the twin tools that have always served those who want to establish rule by a talented elite of their followers.

My latest novel, The Sub Rosa Manuscript by Barry Kelly gives, I believe, a clear understandable account of the steady erosion of the personal and economic freedom we inherited from the sacrifices of those who went before us. It is now our turn to protect our inheritance by rejecting the empty promises of progressivism.

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Saying stupid things does not make you a racist. The way you live your life makes it clear if you are a racist or not. Although the Speaker of the House used the word in a reference to Mr. Trump’s stupid comments about an American judge with a Mexican heritage. Stupid undisciplined comments do not make you a racist, no matter how hard the left-wing media tries.

They do show, however, that Mr. Trump doesn’t seem to realize he is now the prime actor on the big stage. No one wants to hear about Trump University or how some judge is treating Mr. Trump unfairly. The subject is trivial and the unfair comments sound like whining. When he focuses on the trivia of his personal life, he is neglecting the millions of people who support him. They want to hear him talk about fixing America. Not about the tale of Trump University. Leave that to his lawyers and his very competent family. Let’s hope we never hear him talk about Trump University again. Win, lose or draw. We just don’t care.

Get on message about “Making America Great Again.” Mr. Trump has some great people around him. He needs to listen to them. He needs them. He has huge gaps in what we expect a presidential candidate to know and understand. The Nation needs his leadership now. The Progressive/Socialist campaign of President Obama has done extensive damage to our economy, national security, medical care and our traditional world leadership role. Our candidate for President needs to focus on the big picture and get on with saving America.


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There are many reasons to choose one presidential candidate over another. I have two primary factors my candidate must have in addition to integrity, intelligence and leadership qualities. First the candidate must understand what has been happening during the Obama Administration. If he or she does not understand the methods and ideology of the transformation process put in place by this progressive president, how can they repair the damage both domestically and internationally? If a candidate believes, as many of those with governor resumes seem to believe, that the damage to our economy, foreign affairs and military strength was done only because the man we elected twice to the White House was too inexperienced for the job and just made a series of critical mistakes.

Faulting Obama’s inexperience and overlooking his deep ideological commitment to transforming America into a socialist nation subservient to international law, should disqualify any candidate from being a serious contender for the role of President and Commander-in-Chief. Where have they been? So wrapped up in the local affairs of their respective states that they cannot see the big picture?

My second factor is the candidate must understand that big government, a government grown beyond its Constitutional requirements, is a distinct danger to individual freedom. Whether the government grew beyond its necessary size under the Republicans, Progressives or the Democrats, it presents the same danger. Today the government and civil service have been politicized beyond fixing by a few tweaks here and there. They need wholesale restructuring. The Justice Department is no longer worthy of its lofty title. The IRS is more like Germany’s Brown Shirts who supported the Nazi Party in its rise to power than a benign tax collector. The intelligence agencies, the security departments, the EPA, HHS, Energy, Education and others, less dangerous, need serious pruning and restructuring. Yes, even the military’s top level has learned to roll over and obey when they should resist and resign. No candidate who is not committed to ruthless cuts in the size and role of government is worthy of our votes. Cutting back and editing of Obama’s regulations and executive orders is not enough. It takes a tough person to recognize the fundamental problems left from the Obama era and to wipe out eight years of Progressive rule. I don’t hear many candidates addressing these fundamental issues. Do you?



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Advisor's vault doorBy his first comment, the Advisor could tell he had hit a presidential nerve. In an angry voice, the President said, “What do you mean I live in a different universe?”

“Simply judging by your last speech on the terrorism incident in San Bernardino, California. You focused on gun control, said don’t blame Islam, touted the success of your existing strategy against ISIS or ISIL and the effectiveness of your multination coalition, and the arming of Sunni and Kurdish forces with more Special Forces support and a continuation of the bombing of ISIS targets and the need for patience. Are you not aware that no one believes any of this?” The Advisor waved one of his arms across the table.

The President sat back in his chair. “You are so wrong. All my advisors, those who don’t live in a cave, tell me my speech was near perfect. I know my transformation program is going well. I’m close to closing Guantanamo Bay and issuing an executive order to strengthen existing gun regulations.”

The Advisor paused. “I don’t believe any of that has anything real to do with the threat from Islamic jihadists. Your statement that the Islamic religion has nothing to do with terrorist attacks is neither accurate nor believable by anyone living in the modern world. Of course, not all Muslims are terrorists, but nearly all of today’s terrorist attacks are carried out by Muslims in the name of Islam. Moderate Muslims are not speaking out against jihadists and are not helping to prevent the radicals from taking control of the Islamic world. What do you think the Caliphate ISIS is establishing is all about? Closing Guantanamo Bay and more gun control regulation actions make people wonder what you are thinking about and why aren’t you focusing on the real problem of terrorism being exported from Islamic safe havens?”

“Well, is this the real Advisor exposing his true beliefs? You just don’t understand. Your ancestors never suffered under British colonialism. My grandfather and father both lived under the British boot. They were persecuted for their beliefs.”

“I cannot give you the advice I think you can use without injecting my own set of values and historical information base. No, my ancestors did not suffer under British colonialism. My ancestors were slaves brought from Africa in American and European ships loaded with Africans captured and sold to them by Arab Muslims and some Muslim-Africans with Arab names.

“American blacks fought for and won legal and actual freedom. Freedom wasn’t given to us. We fought for it. That is something you don’t understand about black history in America. You and your Kenyan family never were part of the King crusade. I don’t know about your white mother.

“We blacks have and have had our problems with equality and opportunity in America but we are proud to be Americans. We built a large part of this nation and are just in the last generation coming into enjoying our share in the American dream. Islamic terrorism is not just a threat to wealthy white America, it is a threat to all Americans of all classes. Under rule by the Progressive Party, do you think a boy from your background could become president of the United States? Isn’t that a real example of social mobility between economic classes in America?”

Instead of answering, the President stormed out and slammed the old vault door.

The Advisor thought, he might not come back and at this point, I really don’t care. I’ve no more advice I can offer. It is probably time to make my last entries and close my journal. 




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