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In my previous blog, I outlined the mess we are in. Find that blog here. Read on to find out who is to blame for that mess.

Now, who is to blame for all this mess we are in?

Many brilliant scholars and thinkers have long pointed out that people get the government they deserve. In my mind, we are all to blame.

The people voted for an unproven candidate with a dubious background that included many blank spaces. These voters believed the progressives’ promises about hope and change would enable them to transform America. This was not a hidden agenda. Barack Obama was clear about what he was going to do. His candidate speeches and writings were transparent.

What wasn’t transparent was how this transformation of America was to take place. The citizens who voted twice for this president bear some of the blame



for today’s mess. Their votes were based on hope, dislike of President Bush, and ignorance of the history of the world’s transformers, Marx, Lenin, Mao, Castro, Hitler and several lesser-known champions of utopian societies under the management of a so-called benign elite. All utopian -isms end up the same way. In harsh, repressive societies.

Conservatives and independents are not free of blame. In fact, their participation, or lack thereof, may deserve a large part of the blame. Most of us knew electing a man with no experience to be president was very high risk. If he surrounded himself with knowledgeable Cabinet members and White House staff, we thought it might be okay. Also, he is black and many of us were proud America had elected a black president. Now I wish it had been a different black candidate.

We didn’t know this president had a very different agenda. His transformation plan required the destruction of the opposition before a one-party system could take over and complete the socialization of America, where everyone got a fair shot and income is redistributed from the haves to the have-nots, both domestically and internationally. The usual utopian drivel.

We, who had reservations, didn’t do enough in either 2008 or 2012. We didn’t try hard enough to explain the transformation process to our more liberal friends. We didn’t contribute enough money. We didn’t support good candidates and let the Republican establishment and the stupid cumbersome primaries pick our candidates. Both candidates, at best, had only a marginal chance of winning. So we got the government we deserved. Now, what do we do about it?

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Image: U.S. President Obama walks to speak about the Affordable Care Act at the White House in Washington

President Obama read the polls and decided he should address the nation on the ISIS threat. But he didn’t say a word Wednesday night about how his past policies have made it necessary for America to go to war again in Iraq.

He claimed to have a small coalition of nine NATO nations and Australia who have not committed ground troops. That’s a bit smaller than the last time we went into Iraq, when we were supported by 29 nations who committed ground troops. President Obama did as well as he could from the foundations of his foreign policy over the last nearly six years. Let’s not poke anymore holes into his speech about ISIS.

As commander-in-chief, he needs to be clear on a few critical points. The first is call the threat what it is. It is radical Islam. Within those circles which include most of the Islamic world, it is a good thing to kill infidels/nonbelievers. Where are the moderate Muslims? The Saudis have funded radical madrases/schools all over the near, middle and far east for at least two decades. Money from Saudi Arabia, the Gulf States, Kuwait, and Pakistan have poured resources into the Taliban and other radical Islamic organizations for years. Nearly all the World Trade Center bombers were Saudis. In Egypt the more moderate military is nearly fully occupied dealing with the Muslim Brotherhood that Obama backed against Mubarak. Libya doesn’t seem too moderate, nor does our old ally, Turkey. Pakistan is not a moderate Islamic nation. Good luck, Mr. President, in finding moderate Islamic states to join your coalition with real help and commitment. They may not continue to support ISIS but I doubt they will stand up with a Christian nation against ISIS. Their only interest is keeping ISIS away from their territory.

The second point is that competent boots on the ground are necessary to win any military campaign. Obama’s examples of his strategic success in fighting terrorism in Yemen and Somalia are not even relevant. The relevant bit of recent history is the Bush Administration defeating the Taliban in Afghanistan with approximately 500 American boots on the ground, all military or civilian special forces warriors and, of course, thousands of tribal fighters from the Northern Alliance. Enough fighters to push the Taliban into massing to defend against attack so the U.S. Air Force, flying no holds barred missions, including B-52s, destroyed the defense positions of the Taliban down the length of  Afghanistan. The air strikes were guided to the kill zones by American civilian and uniformed Special Forces. That is a proven tactic. The problem is that skilled fighters like those of the Northern Alliance have yet to be identified.

With a clear broad view of the strategic battlefield, victory is possible without large U.S. combat units, but small units on the ground will be needed. First the Kurds will fight and can fight as soon as the Obama Administration recognizes the Kurds will fight for their own homeland. We need to accept and welcome Kurdistan into the alliance. As of last week they reported that had not received any arms shipments from the U.S. Our in the box thinkers had to send all aid to the Kurds through Baghdad which is the same as not sending any. Shiites don’t send weapons to Kurds.

The next tactic to hurt the heads of our people struggling to put Iraq back together again is to rekindle our Special Forces relationship with the Sunni tribes. They will not go back into a Shiite-dominated government so recognize that, and tell the humpty-dumpty bureaucrats trying to patch together a phony country to cease and desist. The Sunni tribes, if promised their own land and given weapons, will fight and take care of the ISIS forces in Iraq. The next step is easy. Let the Shiites retreat south of Baghdad until they decide they will stop and fight for their own land, Shiiteville. All we have to do then is separate the not so bad guys from the really bad guys in Syria and work with them to get rid of the Assad tyranny. All this can be done in less than a year with very few American WIA or KIA. What was Iraq is now nearly the same as it was before arrogant western diplomats drew unreal lines on a map and created the nightmare of Iraq. None of this can be done unless the president gets out of the way and lets the Pentagon and CIA run the war on terror and radical Islam.

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